Are you and friend looking to start a fundraiser for your team? To raise money for a personal goal Are you looking to have an event in honor of someone? Here are some fun ideas for teams and individuals to get started on creating the perfect fundraiser!

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1. Bowling Tournament

Approach your local bowling alley to host a tournament. Work with the the bowling alley to post flyers about the tournament and help with registration. Have the bowling alley donate prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Part of the registration fee would be donation and the other part would help cover costs with the bowling alley partner.

2. Poker Tournament

Find a venue (church, school, etc.) willing to host a poker tournament at their establishment. Money can be raised through tournament registrations. Recruit your friends and family to help spread the word and recruit players.

3. Lockout

Find a venue (church, school, etc.) willing to host a theme party, for example, a night in Monte Carlo, based off of the 1960’s glamorous gambling life; or a global theme, where stations are dedicated to a specific country providing food and activities related to that country. Organize a silent auction, chance drawing and other activities.

4. Remembrance Quilt

Approach a local fabric store to donate squares of fabric that people can purchase in return for a donation for your fundraiser. Each piece of fabric can be in remembrance of survivors or people who passed away of colon cancer. The pieces will then be stitched together to create a quilt and can be presented at the local race. Donate the quilt to hospitals, or clinics in your area to hang up in their establishment. Each year you can add to the quilt or create a new one.

5. Outdoor Movie Night

Talk to an  your local events company about donating an inflatable movie screen, as well as contacting a local park or other open area to setup a spot for your event. Serve concessions, all proceeds from the food would go towards your fundraiser.