Get Your Rear in Gear – Philadelphia has partnered with Runoga™ to provide a training program for registered Get Your Rear in Gear 4-Mile Runners in 2017.

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Whether it’s your first race or your 50th, use this plan to get in shape and prepare for Get Your Rear in Gear – Philadelphia.

Please note, the following calendar was created for the 2016 Get Your Rear in Gear – Philadelphia.

Created by runoga

2016 Training Program

Important training notes

XT: Cross Training : Cross Training is needed to supplement running and help develop other muscles that are not utilized while running, but are needed to support you through training. As runners, we need to mix up our training by doing different types of work outs such as strength training, bicycling, swimming, yoga, and Pilates, to name a few, as a way to supplement our running.

Benefits of Cross Training : Build strength, increase flexibility, enhance balance and increase recovery, while decreasing the risk of injury from overuse of the same muscles. Cross training builds strength and flexibility in muscles that running does not utilize. I highly recommend yoga, Pilates, bicycling, swimming and other core and strengthening exercises that are easy on the joints, but aid in building strength and flexibility! Great for your Monday rest/cross training as noted on the calendar.

Warm up and Cool Downs : You should warm up 10 minutes before you work out and cool down 10 minutes after you run.

Warm Ups : Help to prepare the body for activity and gently race the heart rate, while warming up muscles for activity. This can be done by doing rhythmic exercises such as jumping jacks, walking lunges, skipping, moving arms/shoulder rolls. Cool downs assist in transitioning the body back down to its normal resting state. This can be done by jogging, walking or lower intensity stretching.