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Report confirms that awareness is the key to successful cancer fundraising

CBS News reported last week that an analysis of data released by the American Cancer Society reveals a “large disparity in funding for different types of cancer.”  The report goes on to say that cancers of the cervix and breast receive the most federal funds.  “One reason for the disparity, says the report, is that ” some advocacy groups, like those for breast cancer, are more adept at raising awareness. And with awareness comes cash.”

Raising awareness has been the sole mission of Colon Cancer Coalition president Kristin Tabor.  In 2005, Tabor organized the inaugural Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Run/Walk in Minneapolis, Minnesota which brought out over 1600 supporters.  Since that first event, the Coalition has expanded and now organizes or partners with 17 events across the country.  The Twin Cities Get Your Rear in Gear 5K set a new record in 2009 with over 5000 participants.  These events not only provide a platform for community involvement, but they have also prompted significant media coverage of colon cancer related issues.  In a recent interview, Tabor talked about the impact that her efforts have had and the continued fight to raise awareness.  “The race is our largest awareness opportunity, however, the work never stops.  How far can we take it?  Within 3-5 years the “Get Your Rear effect” could help save 25,000 to 30,000 lives. I hope that this is the impact the Coalition has.”

To get a compete list of Get Your Rear in Gear events, go the Events page of the Colon Cancer Coalition website.

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