Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


thankyou1Did you know, Get Your Rear in Gear® events are run entirely by volunteers? All events are planned and executed by local community members who feel a calling to make a difference. Our volunteers come together for the common purpose of raising awareness of the nation’s #2 cancer killer. Most volunteers have been personally touched by the disease; some are survivors themselves, some have lost loved ones, and some honor friends and family who are still fighting. Our volunteers are students, surgeons, hospital administrators, and other professionals who do this in their “spare” time.

Whoever they are, no matter why they have decided to bring a Get Your Rear in Gear event to their city, we are eternally grateful.

Our volunteers are fun. thankyou3They make our job fun. They are passionate, and their passion translates into the effort they put forth.

This week is National Volunteer Week. It is a time that allows us to reflect and be thankful for these priceless people who make the mission of Get Your Rear in Gear an attainable goal, to ensure that all people have access to information and screening for colon cancer.

thankyou2As a volunteer driven organization, we know we don’t say thank you nearly enough. But to all of our volunteers, be you an event chair, a committee member, a registration or water stop volunteer, or any of the other volunteer tasks that sometimes go unnoticed, we appreciate you. And most of all THANK YOU!

To our runners and walkers, when you attend your next Get Your Rear in Gear event, be sure to take the time to thank the people who volunteer so you can Get Your Rear in Gear.


VOLUNTEERS! Please consider posting why you Get Your Rear in Gear on our Facebook page or in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your stories.

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