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Latinos less likely to be screened for colon cancer.

A recent study documents that Latinos lag significantly behind whites when it comes to being screened for colorectal cancers.

The study was lead by Ninez Ponce of the University of California, Los Angeles, used U.S. Preventive Services Task Force guidelines at the time to determine if participants were getting screened according to recommendations. The information from the 2005 telephone survey of more than 30,000 adults under 65 in California found…

Fifty-one percent of all adults with no family history were screened according to guidelines, versus 71 percent who had a relative with colon cancer.

Compared with average-risk whites, Latinos with no family history of colon cancer were 26 percent less likely to say they had been screened. And those with a family history were 72 percent less likely than whites with a family history to get recommended screening.

You can read the entire study here (login required).

Get Your Rear in Gear is trying to help spread the importance of screening for colorectal cancers to the community.  As part of a grant from the Twin Cities race, Get Your Rear in Gear worked with Marco Polo Advertising in Minnesota to produce an information video for the Spanish-speaking community.

Please share this video with the Spanish-speaking people in your life.

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