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Get Your Rear in Gear Fitness Friday Mistletoe Challenge


Kristin hanging out with her laptop post surgery

As I am sitting on the couch recovering from knee surgery and the side effects of pain killers, I started to read each and every “Google Alert” on the latest news around colorectal cancer.   For those of us that do this daily, we find ourselves mumbling words like:

  • “Wow, amazing stuff”
  • “Never heard of that university/research center”
  • “What an amazing person”
  • “Thank goodness for doctors and nurses that care”
  • “Tell me something I didn’t already know”  (may sound awful, but it’s the truth)

Then, there are the repetitive research stories around whether or not some activity might be good therapy.  When it comes to colorectal cancer one of my best therapists is Brenda Elsagher – she is gifted at adding 1 cup of reality + 1 cup of humor = healing the soul.  However, we can’t all have Brenda in our living room at night.

Today, my “Google Alert” was full of articles on yet another study from the University of Adelaide in Australia showing on the positive effects of mistletoe on colorectal cancer. (One type of the plant appears to be effective against cancer cells but easier on healthy intestinal cells compared to chemo. More research still needs to be done.) This is a theory that has been studied in the past.  And, I think it is time for our Get Your Rear in Gear community to be the one to pucker-up and prove or disprove the theory.


Get a real one or use your imaginary one

If you are ready to get a little fitness on Fridays by puckering up, then here it is:

  • Put a mistletoe above your head (or an imaginary one works too)
  • Kiss whoever you want to kiss
  • Share this article with others and invite them to participate in the Get Your Rear in Gear Fitness Friday Mistletoe Challenge research project

Your fitness challenge, should you choose to accept it?

  1. Staaaaaaaaaart kissing!
  2. Report back to Get Your Rear in Gear now and as many times as possible answering a simple question: “Did it make you feel better?
  3. Yes? No? Maybe?
  4. Share this challenge now with your friends and family
  5. Have a great holiday season!

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