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Faces of Blue: Anna Escobar

By March 8, 2013Faces of Blue

Noelia Escobar is survived by: Javier (husband), Javier Jr. (son), Anna (daughter), and Alayna (granddaughter).

FOB-NoeliaEscobarMy mother was a very strong, loving, and caring person. I was seven years old and my brother was four years old when our mom was diagnosed with cancer, but she never let her illness get the best of her. She had promised my brother and me that we would have as normal a childhood as possible, and we did. When my brother was in little league baseball our mom was on her way back home from Houston after having a liver resection, she had our dad drive her to my brother’s last baseball game. With many staples in her gut, she was there in her wheelchair watching my brother play and when he saw her his face lit up. When I was in high school I played varsity softball since I was a freshmen. My mom was at most of my games, with her chemo pump, cheering me on. She never once missed a parent’s night game, where her and my dad would give me the honor of walking me down the field. My mom, no matter how bad she was feeling, would never let it stop her from doing the things she loved. To her, family came first and was the most important thing to her. As you can tell she was a very strong person and never gave up.

She was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, which spread to other parts of her body. She lived for 12 1/2 years with cancer. She was treated at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX and at Texas Oncology Center in Harlingen TX.

My mom loved reading, arts and crafts, planting, cooking, and baking. I loved everything about her and especially her ability to fight and not give up. She was such an inspiration to everyone she came encountered. She would always say, “I’m not leaving this earth without putting up a fight.”  I personally want to let all other cancer patients know that they are not alone and not to give up, because there are people out there that care and are willing to help in anyway possible to give them hope.

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