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By Belle Piazza

Editor’s Note: Colon cancer survivor, Belle Piazza, writes a weekly column on our Facebook page about surviving (and thriving) with colon cancer.

The Mjelde Family

The Mjelde Family

A favorite quote of mine from Dr. Phil is “Time heals nothing. It is what you do with the time that matters.” Many of us have lost loved ones to colorectal cancer and we know the pain cancer can invoke on a family and community.

Check out this wonderful article in the Mercer Island Reporter about Susie Lindquist Mjelde, the woman whose early death was the motivation behind Get Your Rear in Gear, and how her family has not just survived, but thrived, despite losing someone very dear to them.

Says Kristin Lindquist, (David’s Aunt and Susie’s Sister), “After his mother passed, he sat in my lap screaming at the cancer. As he screamed he pulled up handfuls of grass and put them in my hand. Then, at about the 5th handful, the grass fell off my hand and there was a four leaf clover. My sister promised me ‘signs.’ The four leaf clover has great meaning as you know to us Celtics. Jeff (Susie’s husband) put the four leaf clover in their Mjelde Bible and it has been there since that day.”

For me, a mother who is fighting stage IV colorectal cancer, this article gives me strength, inspiration and hope that despite what may happen, my family can go on – and not just survive, but thrive.

~ From Belle Piazza for Survivor Sunday ~

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