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Survivor Story: Kelly Watkins and Bill Evans

Kelly Watkins Janesville, WI

Kelly Watkins
Janesville, WI

My brother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2009 and he went through some chemo, but stopped treatment due to work giving him a hard time and side effects.

I am battling a rare cancer myself right now that was diagnosed three months after my brother. We are 41 and 42 years old. I wish I could convince him to finish treatment, but he’s stubborn and convinced by doctors there’s only a 50/50 shot of it coming back, so he won’t do treatment.

Bill & Nancy Evans

Bill & Nancy Evans

He was stage III with one lymphnode that was positive and removed. I have talked to several people including doctors who say he definitely should be doing chemo. His wife is very supportive and religious. God can answer prayers and do miracles, but there’s still the reality of medical treatment. I am so afraid he will be battling this again, only worse. Recently I have got him talking more about his cancer and wants to do a colon cancer walk or event. So, hopefully we can attend and his mind may spark a change.

Hoping for the best, Kelly Watkins

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