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In Loving Memory: Jim Brandt

Jim Brandt of Urbandale, IA

Jim was such a man of integrity and kindness. He always worked hard in college and in his profession. He had a passion for business and continually educating himself on various topics. He truly loved to learn. He gave our sons an incredible example of a faith-filled person who always did the right thing.

Jim definitely lived his life to the fullest. He was very passionate about setting goals every year both personally and professionally. He also believed in having a passion in whatever you choose to do in life. He was also very faith-filled and long before he was even diagnosed. He created a corporation and named it Radiant Light, well he was our radiant light on earth. We miss him dearly but he gave us such an incredible example of how to live life both personally and professionally.

Like so many others diagnosed with colorectal cancer, he was taken too soon. He was diagnosed at age 43 and did not have a family history of the disease. He did not smoke and he was very active throughout his life lifting weights, running and biking. He was never overweight and always within the weight guidelines for his height. He had not had any weight loss when he was diagnosed either. He had diarrhea for about two weeks and an episode that caused him to be alarmed so he made an appointment for a colonoscopy on Halloween 2005 when it was discovered he had a large tumor.

He immediately began radiation and chemo prior to his first surgery to remove the tumor and Stage III colorectal cancer. He had a total of seven surgeries over five years before finally succumbing to pneumonia while he was in the hospital after his seventh surgery. He lived for five years with this disease.

We need to get the story out there about how many young people this disease is taking and work to have the colonoscopy recommended age lowered to 40 yrs. of age. We know if caught early the cure rate is high, so why not recommend the colonoscopy at an earlier age!

Survived by: Wife – Sue Brandt, Sons – Ryan & Tim Brandt


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