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In Loving Memory: Joseph Scott Wehmhoff

Joseph Wehmhoff of Apple Valley, MN

Joseph Scott Wehmhoff was diagnosis with stage 4 colon cancer at age 42 on March 15, 2008. During his surgery to remove the tumor a fecal spill occurred which caused an abscess that never seemed to heal. My brother was such a trooper and did many rounds of chemotherapy, but the tumor became resistant to his treatment, after many attempts to bring in a dream team at the University of Minnesota, the cancer began to spread out of control and made the next surgery impossible….so off to the Mayo to a new chemo, which seemed to be working, but then again the tumor was resistant after a few rounds. He lived his last two months doing what he enjoyed and spending time with his boys, family and surrounded by friends. RIP Brother!!

He was a carpenter by trade, but a musician at heart. He was a seasoned drummer in many bands for over 25 years. He was self taught and was an awesome drummer!!

He’s my only brother and the eldest of my siblings, that says enough! His quick wit and sense of humor was out of this world! It’s still so hard to believe that he is gone and at such a young age.

He preached to everyone he knew or met about early detection. He had stomach issues for a few years prior to diagnosis, but his concerns were dismissed by doctors and chalked up to “Stress”. Only after my mother went to one of his appointments and demanded they do a colonoscopy, was it that he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He could not stress enough the importance of taking health into your own hands and demanding answers, test, whatever it takes to get down to anything not “Normal” with your body.

I miss you every single day Brother! Until we meet again…love you!

Survived by:
Son(s) Alexander Joseph Wehmhoff & Sean Michael Wehmhoff; Mother, Kathleen Olson, Sister(s) Kathleen Wehmhoff, Colleen Wehmhoff & Jackie Kiefat

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