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Faces of Blue: Ashley Johnson

Written By: Ashley Johnson, in memory of her friend Dominique.

Ashley Johnson and friendsDominique cared about everyone around her. She was into cooking and when she cooked she could feed a village. She always strived for better. Dominique was a NICU nurse and she truly LOVED her job working with all the babies. At the time of her diagnosis, she was preparing to obtain her master’s in nursing. We were friends since the age of nine and we both were only children and apart of each other’s family. We shared many interests, like the love for the color purple. We loved to travel and looked forward to growing old together drinking wine. She was the diva and I was the tomboy.

Dominique found out when the cancer was at stage IV. Its funny because I knew something was wrong but did not know what it was. I knew she was having stomach problems and actually joked it was food poisoning. I was definitely emotional upon finding out her diagnosis. I was an emotional roller coaster to say the least. I Ashley Johnsoncouldn’t understand how this could happen to someone so young. She would tell me not to worry and remind me that GOD is in control. I tried my best to be strong in front of her but it hurt knowing I couldn’t take her pain away. I did a lot of praying and meditation.

Even at stage IV, she was a fighter and kept a positive attitude. Her radiant spirit kept us all strong. She had an amazing support team around her. Her mother stayed by her side throughout everything. I now chose to live, not just exist because of her. Everyday is a new day to achieve a goal! It is hard to know she is not here in the physical state but I know she lives in our hearts. Everyday is a blessing no matter what.

The phrase “Get Your Rear in Gear” to me means awareness, to be proactive, and to get checked out no matter how old you are!

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  • Cristina says:

    Thank you Ashley for the kind words for our sweet Dominique! You are truly a wonderful friend and a blessing to our family.

  • Shorty says:

    Dominique i still can’t believe you’re not here. I still have your photo in my phone, your birthday is very close to mine, so i always remember. Some questions will never be answered, but i still asked Why?

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