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Faces of Blue: Caitlin Cline

Written By: Caitlin Cline, for her father.

image3.JPG_CaitlinClineI always viewed my dad as a strong person. He was a printer (a very successful one at that), he loved to golf, he loved to spend hours with me at the beach, and overcame a lot of personal issues. In 2002, my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was only nine when my dad was diagnosed so everything was very confusing. All image1.JPG_CaitlinClineI had ever seen of the “C” word was in movies or on TV shows. Most of the outcomes were very sad. I was scared and for the first time and I saw my strong dad defeated.

Over the years, I have witnessed chemo, radiation, a coma, countless surgeries, image4.JPG_CaitlinClineostomy/urostomy bags, and kidney disease just to name a few things. My dad is still the strongest person I know. He has been through so much, but he still finds it in him to smile and keep his sense of humor.

Being the child of someone who had colon cancer, I really understand the importance of early detection. I want everybody to know that while the idea of a colonoscopy sounds terrible, it can make such a difference. I don’t want anybody to go through what my dad did. I love you, John boy. We all do!

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  • Diane Lusk says:

    So touching. Your Dad is just about one of the greatest warriors I’ve ever known.
    I was his teacher when he was just a tot.
    It’s been an inspiration to follow his journey and the love and support he gives to everyone.
    God bless you, John.

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