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Faces of Blue: Jennifer Webb Ghamarian

In May 2013 I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, it had already spread to my bones. I also had a massive tumor in my colon that required emergency surgery. I was only 29-years-old with a one-year-old son. I was terrified. This diagnosis came as a complete shock because there is no family history and I was a relatively healthy individual.

During my recovery, my long time boyfriend (man of my dreams) and biggest supporter proposed to me. We married two weeks later, before my chemo treatments started. I began treatment with a will to live, a will to survive for my family. I had a great support system and visitors from all over the globe! Family and friends traveled many miles just to see me and give me hope. It was a great summer.

After only 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy, my scans came back clear! It was a miracle; there is no other way to explain my progress. A freaking miracle! However, given the severity of my diagnosis, I will always have a back and forth battle with my cancer. After a lovely 3-month break, I am starting chemotherapy again. I’m bummed, but I know I need chemo to live longer, to be able to raise my son and to show my strength.

It’s amazing that I am alive and healthy. I have been given a second chance. I get to raise my son with my husband; that is the greatest gift any mother could hope for.

Editor’s Note: Jennifer left this world on June 24, 2015. She is missed by many. 

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  • Carmen Webb says:

    Our daughter, son in law and grandbaby face their battle with cancer with Love, Strength, Faith, Laughter, Joy and Humility making beautiful memories as they began “Their Love Story”, each single day is faced with courage while they continue on as a family, filled with precious moments. As her mother, along with her father I only pray that we could hold her in my arms and make your pain, suffering disappear as when we held her as a child and told her all will be fine. No matter how old your children are they will always be your babies in your eyes. You see our daughter comes from a long lineage of strong willed ancestors that will not simply give up due to the love of family, friends and life. Much Love, Hugs and Kisses

  • Sarah Gregory says:

    This is beautiful. Simply beautiful. I, too, was recently diagnosed with stage III colon cancer and have a 4 year old son and one year old daughter. I am a fighter and will not let this cancer stop me. I am going through chemo as well. Hang in there. Your story inspires me 🙂

    • Jessica L. says:

      My name is Jessica and wanted you to know complete strangers love and pray for you! I have 2 young kids, one with a serious heart condition. I don’t know your pain but I know a deep pain and fear that I can only imagine you’ve felt. We’ll pray for you and your family.

      Jessica L.

  • Lupe Andrade says:

    Our precious Angel left this World their is no room for Angels in this world we will always keep you in Our Memories and Prayers. Love Your Nina,niño David,Sherri ,Albert ,Stephanie,Andrew ,and Pamela. You meant the World to “Our Family”

  • Carmen says:

    As we move forward, we all continue to cherish all the beautiful memories we made with our daughter Jennifer Rose, she will always be in our hearts, her legacy will continue to live through her son & husband. She left this physical world on June 24,2015 (Wednesday) to live free of pain and will continue to be our blue eyed Angel. Her cousin Krystal, her sister Carla have continued to participate with “Get Your Rear in Gear” in honor of our beloved daughter. Please continue to donate in honor of all who are battling or have battled colon cancer. Thank you and we miss you each and every day,Mija ♡ Love you Always & Forever.

  • Maria Zamora says:

    My mother was diagnosed in 2013 with colon cancer, she fought this terrible disease for 4 years. She passed on March 14 2017. We will continue to help this cause that is now in our family history. God bless!!!

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