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Northside Hospital Grant in Action: Colon Prep Kits! |

Northside Hospital Grant in Action: Colon prep kits! | coloncancercoalition.orgIn 2015, the Colon Cancer Coalition awarded Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia a $3,597 grant to create no-cost colon preparation kits for 109 under-served patients prior to their colonoscopies. This grant was made possible from funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Atlanta.

Founded in 1970, Northside Hospital is a non-academic, community-based hospital system. For this grant, they partnered with Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates to develop these colon prep kits.  According to Northside, the kits average around $30, but can cost as much as $35 for patients who have diabetes or other underlying conditions that require alternative options for their colon prep. The kits consist of laxatives pills and solution to clear the GI system before the colonoscopy procedure.

By providing these prep kits, Northside is excited to enable more low income patients to undergo colonoscopies by removing the financial burden of purchasing their own supplies. Dale Israel, the Disparities Outreach Coordinator at Northside, says colonoscopies “can prevent many cases of colon cancer by finding certain types of polyps before they have the chance to turn into cancer.” Because this disease can be caught before it becomes malignant, Ms. Israel adds that “colonoscopies are one of the most powerful weapons for preventing colorectal cancer.”

This grant is a powerful example of why every donation made to the Colon Cancer Coalition does make a difference. For as little as $30, we were able to partner with Atlanta healthcare providers, and help remove a barrier to screening for many of the under served in their community.

Get Your Rear in Gear – Atlanta is on Saturday, February 27. You can find more information about the race on their event page.

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