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Faces of Blue: Linda Wilkinson

By March 8, 2016Faces of Blue

I was very close to both my mother and father – both of whom I lost to colon cancer. They were such strong, caring, compassionate people who always instilled in my brother and I the belief that we could do or become anything we wanted in life!

IMG_3674My father was diagnosed July 25, 2003 with end stage colon cancer – what we had all thought was the “flu” over the last month, turned out to be colon cancer that took him from us six days later, on July 31, 2003. We were shocked, devastated, and barely had time to grieve the diagnosis before we were grieving his loss. Even in those final days, he was comforting the rest of us!

My mother became sick in April of 2015 – and we were given the diagnosis of end stage colon cancer in early June. She had been such a pillar of strength over the last 12 years – always holding all of us up. Mom was a happy, cheerful, giving person….and even after her diagnosis she continued to be upbeat, and was constantly imparting words of wisdom to me knowing she would be leaving me at some point.

My pIMG_3667arents are the perfect example of dedication and love to each other – a truer love story than there ever was. So much so, in fact, that my Mom left this world the morning of July 31, 2015…EXACTLY 12 years to the day of my father’s passing! As hard as it was to lose our Mom, my brother and I also felt it was such a blessing that she joined our father on the same day 12 years later, making it a “heavenly anniversary” for the two of them!

My parents both instilled a very important message to my brother and I…live each day as if there is no tomorrow! Worry does no good for the future, and only steals from the present! I hope in my actions, my service to community, and the life I am living that I am honoring their memory every day! For me, “Get your rear in gear” means regular check ups, living life, and moving forward to enjoy every day we are given!

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