Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Meeting the Needs of Colorectal Cancer Patients in the Chicago Southland

Caregiver and patient

The Cancer Support Center has spent over 20 years serving cancer patients, their families, and caregivers in the Chicago Southland. With two locations and 70 off-site programs, they are able to provide specialized services that cater to patients and their support system beyond that of what traditional health care can provide. They offer supportive services at no cost to patients and families facing cancer, based on a 5-point program with emphasis on counseling and stress management, education and career, nutrition and diet, and wellness, fitness, and body image.

Survivor and

A colorectal cancer survivor and Cancer Support Center volunteer helping out at an event.

The programs are run by licensed, professional therapists, nutritionists, counselors, and experts in each field, assuring that patients and their families receive care that exceeds their physical needs turning treatment and into survivorship.

With funds raised through Get Your Rear in Gear – Tinley Park, the Colon Cancer Coalition has been able to give The Cancer Support Center a grant for over $24,000 to help fund current and expanding programs for colorectal cancer patients and their families. Programs include individual and family counseling, nutrition and diet consultations, healthy cooking demonstrations, and fitness classes appropriate to patients and survivors such as yoga and adaptive movement. They also offer alternative therapy programs such as art therapy, guided imagery, and pet therapy.

Funds will also be used to provide awareness and education programs to help in preventative cancer care, and host health and wellness presentations that cover colorectal cancer prevention, detection, and screening. Partnering with The Cancer Support Center ensures that we are making an impact on the lives of colorectal cancer patients, and working together to educate the community on prevention through screening.

For more information about the race, or how you can get more involved, visit the event page.

Tinley Park check presentation

Check presentation to The Cancer Support Center. Pictured l-r: Lou Sloka, Sandee Sloka, Ben Cipra (Grant Manager, Cancer Support Center), Bob DeChene (Vice President, Board of Directors for Cancer Support Center), Celeste Hayward (Local Event Director, Get Your Rear in Gear – Tinley Park), Karen Mungovan, Irene Davies, Allison Evans, Becky Stortz, Matt Stortz.


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