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Faces of Blue: Mike Evans

By July 17, 2019Faces of Blue
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mike evans harley davidsonMike Evans’ story shows the importance of screening. A father of four boys, Mike was fortunate to have a loving and persistent wife, who works within the colorectal cancer community, along with the knowledge of his family’s medical history that he was attentive enough to his own health. “My mother was stricken with colitis at a very young age. She didn’t see it coming.”

At the age of 53, Mike was passed the recommended screening age when he got up the courage to get his colonoscopy in 2014. “I have a couple other autoimmune conditions, so I was sensitive to having yet another health issue. My wife, Chris, went first, she was the brave one.” After putting off screening for so long, he followed through with his screening a couple weeks later.

The colonoscopy revealed several polyps that were removed during the procedure and he was disappointed to learn of the polyps. He felt relief that it was taken care of early before they could be cancerous. “I don’t believe they were cancerous at that point but could have morphed that way if left unattended.”

Mike and Chris make sure to let their boys know and understand what the diagnosis meant. He reminds his children every once inMike Evans Chris family mn ufc minnesota united fc a while so they are aware they should start screening before the recommended age. “Everybody needs to understand their family history so they can stay tuned in to their own bodies and potential issues down the road. To sweep it under the rug is irresponsible.” After his screening, the recommendation was made that he returns in three years for a check up. In 2017, he was free of polyps and was then advised to return in five years.

In seeking resources and information on colon cancer, Mike knew how daunting that task would be due to the numerous online and printed materials that he discovered. With all the information that he has gathered, he’s comfortable making sure others feel at ease about early screening. “If you’re on the fence, ask yourself if a day of preparation for the screening is worth your life.”


Editor’s note: We would like to thank our CFO, Chris Evans, for allowing us to share her husband’s story.



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