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Safe Word Colonoscopy

LERMA Donates Campaign to Raise Awareness During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

When the Colon Cancer Coalition marcomm team got the call in October from a Dallas-based marketing agency volunteering a fun, unique, and cheeky screening campaign for March, we were thrilled. The more we talked with the team at LERMA the more impressed we were by their vision, commitment to screening for colorectal cancer, and drive to saving lives through increased screening.

LERMA is a next-generation communications agency dedicated to creating disruptive and impactful content for multicultural America. Their campaign brought magical acts, unique radio concepts, billboards, and social engagement with major brands to encourage colonoscopy as a “safe word” that can save lives.

Centered around the word “colonoscopy,” the goal is increase awareness that this magical word can save lives.

Safe Word Colonoscopy Our Time

Flor Leibaschoff, director, brand creative at LERMA and the driver behind the partnership, knows first hand the loss that colorectal cancer can bring to a family. She lost her brother to colon cancer late in 2019. “Nine in 10 people beat colon cancer when its detected early with a colonoscopy. The #SafeWordColonoscopy campaign is a powerful way to highlight the importance of colonoscopies. As an ad agency, LERMA knows the power of raising awareness through joint efforts like the #SafeWordColonoscopy campaign, and we hope it will help to save lives.”

Colonoscopy is a magic word that can save your life. Make it your safe word. Get screened.

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OurTime Dating App

In partnership with, which owns OurTime, a dating app for mature men and women, the campaign features social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that seek to make #Colonoscopy a trending topic. Examples of the content include, “What’s your sign? Oh, I’m colonoscopy, too.” or “What are you doing on Friday? Let’s colonoscopy.”

The Magic Castle

Safe Word Colonoscopy JansensonFollowing the magic theme, the Academy of Magical Arts is collaborating on the noble cause by allowing two magicians, Norberto Jansenson and Hillel, to perform at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. The magicians attempt daring performances and replace their usual “magical” word with “colonoscopy” as part of their acts. One example includes Hillel—Mr. Balloon Man™, who, for the first time in his 30-year career, writes “colonoscopy,” instead of “help,” to be rescued from inside of a balloon with little air.

A third magician, Brandon Scott, also contributed his act to the #SafeWordColonoscopy campaign efforts.

The video series also features colon cancer survivor Alen Minasian sharing his story.

Safe Word Colonoscopy Times SquareTimes Square

The #SafeWordColonoscopy campaign is also showcased on a video billboard in Times Square (1500 Broadway), New York City. The 10-second message will be shared a minimum of three times each hour 22 hours a day throughout Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and into April.


RO2 Media also stepped up to the expand the cause, donating significant media exposure for the #SafeWordColonoscopy efforts.

Safe Word Colonoscopy Brandon ScottRadio

The campaign’s radio PSAs include individuals who are in challenging situations, and use the safe word, “colonoscopy” to get out of the bind. In one PSA, a secret agent is discovered during a stakeout and says “colonoscopy” to get rescued.

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