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This week you can practice your meditation with an owl and visit an old friend, right from the comfort of home. Or take a moment to escape to the zoo (we know you feel like you’re living in one now, but this is an actual animal filled wildlife park).

We need your favorite books, podcasts, relaxation techniques or other recommendations. Submit to be featured in an upcoming installment of this series.

Safer-At-Home Suggestion

See if you notice any changes to the format this week. And let us know if you like the switch.

And from everyone at the Colon Cancer Coalition, please take care.


Meditation | Meditate Daily as an Absolute Beginner

Matt the Owl cartoon illustration.

2020 On the Rise featured survivor through The Colon Club, Matt Mewhorter, is a therapist, artist, and young-onset colon cancer survivor. He created his semi-biographical comic Cancer Owl as a way to explain what it’s like to live with cancer. He also draws other cancer patients as animals and shares their stories. As a therapist he created a meditation to help people cope during this unprecedented time and breaks something that can be intimidating down into six manageable steps.

Hi! I’m a therapist, artist and cancer survivor. During this Covid-19 lockdown, I designed a 4 week program to get you from “clueless but interested” to “meditating every day and feeling the results”! I made this with my therapy clients in mind who enjoy meditating with me but can’t seem apply it at home.

Visit Matt’s website to see his cancer comics and learn more about him.

The Cancer Owl

Documentary | Won’t You Be My Neighbor

For over 30 years, Fred Rogers helped teach children through his PBS show, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. In this intimate documentary, take a step back into the life, gifts, and passions of a man who influenced more than just a generation of children through their televisions.

Available to watch on HBO NOW or for purchase on Amazon.


Colon Cancer Coalition on TikTokSocial Media | Colon Cancer Coalition on TikTok!

The Colon Cancer Coalition is on TikTok! Need a laugh? How about a distraction? Check out our first post and see how we’re using this popular social media platform to keep the colorectal cancer awareness message going! Find us by searching “coloncancercoalition” in the app! Give us a follow and even a shout out. Challenge our staff to a silly dance. We are home too, and just may take you up on it! Got a dinosaur costume? Even better!


Music | Free Online Concerts

We’ve shared this same link each week, but that’s because it’s continuously updated by the folks at National Public Radio (NPR) with list of live concerts and entertainment in all musical genres. All for free (that we can tell) and all to be enjoyed from home! If you’ve checked it out once, it’s worth revisiting.

NPR Concert List

Podcast | Stuff You Missed in History Class

Recommended by: Erin Peterson, Communications Director

I stumbled across this podcast when I was looking for something to listen to while walking the dog. This podcast is hosted by two women who make the topics and stories interesting and accessible. They find the small stories within the larger narrative and give them context. The host’s quirky personalities shine through and you can feel the friendship and rapport they have with one another. They cover topics ranging from the history of the color blue, to the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918 (very relevant to today). Each episode stands alone, and at around 45 minutes it is perfect for walking the dog or I can finish an episode in one day listening two and from work (in normal times). But shhh… don’t tell my history buff husband, I now like history, too.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Colon Club members who participate in Colon Talk online chat group.

Community Connections

Colon Talk from The Colon Club

“Colon Talk is a wonderfully safe space where you can anonymously ask deeply personal questions, share news, or learn from fellow patients and caregivers. It offers understanding, support, and connections with others like you in the cancer journey.”

– Phuong Gallagher, President, The Colon Club

The Colon Club

Strength Challenge Week 6


Cancer Wellness for Life | Summer Strength Challenge Week 6

Last summer we partnered with Get Your Rear in Gear – Kansas City grant recipient Cancer Wellness for Life to create a workout program focused just on cancer patients and survivors working to build strength and stamina. Each week some simple yet effective exercises are introduced by trainer Sami and Jerry Mansfield that can be done in your home with stuff you already have on hand. Plus a delicious new recipe every week.

Strength Challenge Week 6


Homemade Hummus from The Cancer Dietician.The Cancer Dietician | Homemade Hummus

Julie Lanford MPH, RD, CSO, LDN with Get Your Rear in Gear – Winston-Salem grant recipient Cancer Services offers nutrition help to cancer patients and survivors on how to eat well during and after treatment. Here is one of her latest recipes.


4 cups canned chickpeas (drained and rinsed)
Juice of 1 lemon
2 cloves fresh garlic
1 tsp sesame seed oil (add ½ – 1 more tsp as needed, to taste)
½ cup olive oil
Kosher salt and pepper (to taste)
Pita (cut into triangles and toasted, sliced apples, or celery for serving)


Add chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, sesame seed oil, salt and pepper to a food processor or blender.
Turn on food processor or blender and slowly drizzle in olive oil. Add more oil as necessary to get a smooth, creamy texture.
Pour hummus into a bowl and serve with pita triangles, apples, or celery.

You can read more about nutrition and find more recipes from Julie at


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