Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Coalition supports the “You CAN!” initiative at Shalom Health Care Center in Indianapolis

Shalom Health Care Center Mobile Clinic, Indianpolis

Funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Indianapolis are being put to good use through a new partnership with Shalom Health Care Center, a federally qualified health center (FQHC) in Indianapolis. Shalom Health Care Center, serving medically underserved populations and areas, received a grant from the Colon Cancer Coalition to provide colorectal cancer screenings and education for all patients, regardless of their insurance coverage.

Shalom Health Care Center logoThe screening measures are a part of Shalom’s new 12-month Colon Cancer Awareness and Navigation initiative titled “You CAN!”, encouraging patients to complete their annual physical, including appropriate prevention measures, specifically colon cancer screening. The  goal is to generate awareness for early detection and screening among the high-risk and underserved populations. The multidisciplinary team of outreach and medical staff are collaborating to help patients navigate the continuum of care to improve health outcomes. Patients receive incentives upon completion of their gFOBT test and/or colonoscopy. Incentives include aid with transportation or pharmacy (prep) costs, specialty appointment assistance, free labs, and gift cards.

The Colon Cancer Coalition is proud to support he work at Shalom Health Care Center, especially in this extra challenging environment. The COVID-19 pandemic decreased overall patient visits at the health care center, especially in-person appointments during March – May 2020. Barriers including transportation, childcare, language, financial hardships were hard before – now the Shalom team is working through amplified economic, social, and physical impact. Luckily with rapid technology advancements and adoption, they are able to offer telemedicine including phone and video visits. The team will persevere, hoping to increase colorectal cancer screening rates from 26.2% to 42.0% (and ultimately align with Healthy People 2020 goals of 80% screened).

For over 20 years, Shalom has worked to reduce health disparities by achieving excellence in primary health care, providing community leadership, and being open to serving families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Their mission is to provide quality health care that is patient-centered, affordable, and accessible for all in the community. Their vision is health equity for all in our in their community.


Shalom consists of two primary care clinics on the west side of Indianapolis and 27 school-based clinics serving vulnerable populations including low-income and under-insured patients across Marion County, Indiana. Shalom coordinates services for all who seek care, regardless of their ability to pay. In 2018, they served over 14,000 patients; 49% were African American, 26% Latino, 54% were Medicaid, and 38% were self-pay/sliding fee. For more information, visit

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