Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Pazazz Apples Remind Customers to Get Screened

One in 24 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer, but early detection and eating a cancer-protective diet can reduce your risk. The Colon Cancer Coalition is thrilled to be partnering with Honeybear Brands®, a Minnesota-based company, and their Pazazz® apples for a unique awareness campaign during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The goal? Remind grocery customers to get screened for colorectal cancer.

Be on the lookout for playful “make a booty call” stickers on Pazazz bagged apples at retail outlets across the country throughout March. The stickers are designed to catch the customer’s attention and provide cues that tie apples to cancer prevention. Retailers can also support the program with point-of-sale materials and digital assets. The QR code on the point-of-sale directs consumers to a special page on our website where they can learn about the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer, ways to reduce their risk, and even make a donation to support screening and risk reduction.

According to the American Institute of Cancer Research®, there is evidence that foods containing dietary fiber can decrease the risk of colorectal cancer. Apples are one of the fruits high in dietary fiber making it an easy and delicious way to increase your daily fiber intake. In addition, the National Foundation for Cancer Research reports vitamin C in apples also act as an antioxidant to support immune function and fight cancer cell growth. Both helping to reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

“Protecting one’s health has always been important but finding easy and delicious ways to do it are not always easy. Pazazz is a unique and full-flavored apple that makes eating a cancer-protective diet enjoyable,” says Kristi Harris, brand manager, Honeybear Brands. “We are delighted to support the important work the Colon Cancer Coalition is doing to help raise awareness of this deadly cancer and encourage screening.”

“We are excited to partner with Honeybear Brands and Pazazz apples to promote healthy eating as one of several ways to reduce one’s risk for colorectal and many other cancers,” says Chris Evans, president, Colon Cancer Coalition. “In addition to a fiber-filled diet, we hope this partnership can encourage on-time screening for this preventable cancer. Too much has been delayed in the past year, colorectal cancer screenings shouldn’t be one of them.”

A lot of activities have been put off, delayed, or missed in the past year, but grocery shopping remains essential. Through this partnership we hope to reach consumers in a new way to remind them not to put off that “Booty Call” to their health care provider and to schedule or re-schedule their colorectal cancer screening.

If you see a Pazazz apple in March with the special Booty Call sticker or messaging be sure to snap a photo and share it with us on Twitter (@GYRIG) or Instagram (@GYRIG04).

More about Honeybear Brands: Honeybear is a leading grower and developer of premium apple varieties.  Family owned and operated for more than forty years, Honeybear still employs the same hands-on, personal attention to each and every apple variety produced while holding to responsible sustainability practices. As a leading vertically integrated, dual hemisphere grower, packer, shipper, Honeybear offers supply of premium apples and pears on a year-round basis. Honeybear Brands is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wescott Agri Products. For more information about Honeybear, visit and follow us on Facebook.

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