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Faces of Blue: Glenn Honeycutt

Glenn Honeycutt stands smiling in the forest.

I was prescribed medication which was supposed to help with my shoulder and other joint pains. It helped, a lot, and I figured that I had found a miracle cure for all my pain. It worked well until I began to lose my appetite. I could not keep anything on my stomach. I threw up the first time and noticed it was dark as if it could be blood. I had already stopped taking the medication because I knew it was a stomach irritant. I figured I had a stomach ulcer that the medication had irritated it and the discomfort would pass.

I am in the livestock business for my living and I stayed home on the day of the cattle sale. My wife was away with her mother who was also not feeling well. My mother-in-law told my wife “if Glenn did not go to the cattle sale, you should go home and check on him.”

When she arrived home it was almost dark, I explained I thought it was probably an irritated ulcer. But shortly after I threw up a second time and realized it was blood and more of it. I told her we had to go to the hospital.

When I was admitted to the hospital, the imaging tests indicated what looked like a tumor in my colon.

Glenn Honeycutt with his granddaughters a week after surgery

They called the surgeon, Dr. Chase Campbell, as he was about to leave for a vacation. He looked at the imaging and immediately saw the tumor that needed to be removed. Thankfully, he postponed his vacation long enough to do my surgery. The tumor visible on the imaging turned out to be cancer.

My doctor explained after the surgery that it was probably only about four to five hours from rupturing. If the tumor had ruptured it possibly could have killed me. Lymph nodes were tested around the tumor and none came back to show any spread of cancer anywhere else.

Thanks to my mother-in-law, my wife, Dr. Chase Campbell and most important God for arranging everything so that I am here today, a year later to experience what I feel is the beginning of my second life.

I want you to remember a bad day in your life is a day you can cherish because you were here on God’s Earth to experience this day.

Thank you,

A very fortunate man,

Glenn Honeycutt, 65 years old



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