Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Second Annual Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas on March 11th!

Andrea Darville is standing in front of a bush. She's wearing a white dress and a crown with blue and silver jewels.

Andrea Darville

Last year, Andrea Darville, a stage III colorectal cancer patient, worked to bring Get Your Rear in Gear to Nassau, Bahamas. Andrea was diagnosed with colorectal cancer after blood appeared in her stool. Initially told nothing was wrong, it wasn’t until Chadwick Boseman died months later, in August 2020, that Andrea returned to her doctor and received a colonoscopy, revealing  stage III colorectal cancer.

Andrea came from a large family, and she told us last year that she never felt alone throughout her journey with colorectal cancer. Her family continued to encourage her, and Andrea set out to help others learn the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer.

Andrea worked to organize the first ever Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas, and a 2022 the date was set. Unfortunately, she passed away from colorectal cancer complications mere weeks before Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas. In her memory, the event went on, and raised over $15,000 for the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, with hundreds in attendance. Colon cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer among women in the Caribbean, and is the most common cause of cancer death in men younger than 50. Funds raised by Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas will go to supporting individuals with colorectal cancer pay for treatments.

Her sister, Emily Darville, worked hard after her sister’s passing to ensure Andrea’s vision was fulfilled. Now, she’s carrying the torch this year, and has taken over as Local Event Director for the second Get Your Rear in Gear.

At a press conference for this year’s Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas, Emily stated:

“The purpose of this race is to enlighten the public and promote awareness, encouraging all Bahamians of all ages to be screened [and] to ensure we decrease the number of Bahamians diagnosed annually… colon cancer is very close to my heart, as I lost my dear sister, Andrea Darville, at the tender age of 31 to this disease.”

Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas features their own larger-than-life colon, donated by the Colon Cancer Coalition to help engage participants in colorectal cancer awareness. We’re grateful for the work Andrea did to bring Get Your Rear in Gear to the Bahamas, and the tireless work of Emily and the volunteers to keep Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas going.

You can still register for this years Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas by clicking here. Get Your Rear in Gear – Bahamas will take place on Mar 11, 2023, registration and packet pickup starting at 5:15AM. Adults register for $25 and up, colorectal cancer survivors and patients register for free.



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