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Patient Support Programs are 20% of our Grantees

By November 10, 2023Grants

Our patient support grants have given over a million dollars in financial support to families and individuals impacted by colorectal cancer. When we get patients screened for colorectal cancer, we’re there after they receive a diagnosis to help with mental health, and financial support micro grants. By providing support programs to local communities, we support the current and long-term needs of patients and families so they can navigate their life during cancer treatments.

Our focus on patient health is centered in meeting a patient’s needs now, and providing patients with the tools to live fulfilling, healthy lives after treatment ends. At Wind River Cancer Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, we pay for colorectal cancer patients to experience nature, classes that focus on mental health, wellness, and peer-to-peer support. Wind River’s experienced care team and trauma-informed, cancer centered approach provides survivors and patients with a calm environment where they can meet their mental health needs.

Addressing mental health is critical. Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be traumatizing, and have an outsized effect on loved ones. For many patients, financial help can be one of the answers to better mental health. The financial burden on families can be insurmountable for many under our current healthcare system.

To assist in alleviating burden for cancer patients, we provide Cost of Cancer Grants to patients currently undergoing treatment. These micro grants cover a variety of costs so a patient can focus on paying for treatments without sacrificing their or their families needs.

This can range from covering transit to and from appointments, funds for meals, rent, and miscellaneous household expenses. We’ve supported patients by paying for medically necessary furniture, car payments, ostomy supplies, and more.

A critical piece of cancer support means supporting caregivers that tirelessly support loved ones in their cancer journey. One program we support is Jack’s Caregiver Coalition, which focuses on providing men who are caregivers with community. Men who are caregivers are often faced with isolation and loneliness, and struggle to ask for help. Jack’s seeks to support patients and survivors by supporting caregivers in their needs by providing a safe, supportive community that helps caregivers.

“On average the caregivers who responded to our 2022 annual survey reported Jack’s was responsible for 80% of a more than twofold improvement in how equipped they felt in their caregiving role.​ We believe that no one benefits more from well equipped caregivers than the people they are caring for.” Kyle Woody, the founder and Executive Director of Jack’s Caregiver Coalition, told us.

“Funding from the Colon Cancer Coalition has helped us strengthen two programs the caregivers we serve ranked as the most important out of the six that we offer. Our Jack-to-Jack Program connects volunteer coaches with coachees, and our Klatch program connects Caregivers in coed discussion groups. We are strengthening these programs by investing in the huge hearted humans who make them tick. Equipping the volunteers and staff with training and infrastructure to facilitate and encourage the sharing of lessons learned.

Patient support also means ensuring that families enduring the hardship of a colorectal cancer diagnosis are able to maintain some sense of normalcy during treatment.

Holidays can be a difficult time during cancer treatments. Paying for gifts, food, while also juggling the cost of cancer can put the holiday season on hold. In order to ensure colorectal cancer patients and their families can maintain some sense of normalcy through treatment, we provide funding to Best Christmas Ever.

Best Christmas Ever is an initiative that works with a strong network of volunteers to provide patients and their loved ones food, gifts, and community during the holiday season.

“Last year, I had the incredible honor of serving as a Best Christmas Ever captain, leading a compassionate effort to bring joy and comfort to a family of five navigating the challenging waters of a recent stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis for their father.” Best Christmas Ever founder Don Liimatainen told us.

“The weight of medical costs had cast a shadow over what should have been a festive season. With unwavering support from local businesses, friends, family, and a generous donation from the Colon Cancer Coalition, we rallied to surprise them with an abundance of Christmas cheer. The highlight was providing the family with new kitchen appliances, a luxury they couldn’t afford amidst mounting medical expenses. Alongside a plethora of thoughtful gifts, we aimed to lighten their burden and infuse the holiday season with warmth and hope.”

When patients and families receive a colorectal cancer diagnosis, we’re dedicated to meeting their needs. We work with local organizations to ensure that when community members are screened and diagnosed with colorectal cancer, they’re not alone.



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  • Joy Smith says:

    Hello, can you please tell me how to apply for financial assistance for colorectal cancer I really need the help

  • Sonia Houston says:

    Yes please tell me where you can receive assistance for screenings? I have emailed and spoke directly with Cancer Coalition representative and was advised there is no funding available for colon cancer screenings. Also, if all the funds stay in Nevada where can you see where the funding goes?

    • Erin Peterson says:

      Unfortunately, we are not able to provide direct assistance to patients for screening. Regarding programs in Nevada, we are working with partners in the Las Vegas area to dedication the funding from the April 27 event.

  • Stacey Smith says:

    I am an oncology social worker at the Warren General Hospital Cancer Care Center in Warren,
    Pennsylvania. I have been unsuccessful in finding financial assistance for two patients that
    are in great need of financial assistance. Does the Colon Cancer Coalition provide any
    financial help not related to co payment assistance for medical bills?

    Thank you,
    Stacey Smith

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