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Memorial For Those We’ve Lost

Life is one of the hardest battles that humans will ever face. Wonderful and beautiful, yes, but also trying and difficult. We don’t know how long or how good it will be. We don’t know when our stories will reach their final chapters, or what trials and tribulations we may face, but we do get to control one thing. We have control over what we do within the pages we write, and how we handle what is thrown our way. 

Our responses to pain far outweigh the scars that they leave.

We have known few people stronger, braver, or more compassionate than those who have fought battles that have tested both their mind and body. It is unfortunate that we must often be brought to our lowest before we can learn how to soar above, but it is within that which tries to break us where we learn how to shape and fortify ourselves.

“The human capacity for burden is like bamboo– far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.” – Jody Picoult

Cancer takes, and we know how colorectal cancer takes all too well. It takes away health, and even life, but it cannot take away strength of character. It cannot take hope, not if we do not let it, and most importantly– it cannot take away love.

Love outlives all of us, stronger than any breath or turning of the sun. Love exists before we can put it into words, and long after nothing can be said. 

This time of year is for love and reflection. So while we end one year and begin another, we are honoring the love for those who can no longer be with us. To those we have known and loved, and who have loved us in return, you will never be forgotten. 

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