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About Tour de Tush & The New Spokes Spin-Off Series

As you may know, there are many events outside of the Get Your Rear in Gear® event series that the Colon Cancer Coalition supports to bring awareness to and combat colon cancer in local communities across North America. One of those is the month-long Tour de Tush™ in May, which has paved the bike path for the new Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-Off Series!

Tour de Tush is a completely virtual, month-long event in May. Bike riders from all skill levels across the country can participate and raise money for colon cancer awareness and screening. Whether it’s intense mountain biking every weekend, getting some casual exercise on a Peloton, or the occasional bike ride to a local coffee shop, that counts toward your miles for Tour de Tush!

Our staff even took a cycling class and enjoyed some snacks on a paddle pub for the Tour de Tush last May! If you’re peddling, you’re participating! And anyone can join from anywhere throughout May, for any reason! 

Dave Rhode, Joanne Hufford, Max, and the Colon Cancer Coalition Staff 2023

And now, with the creation of the Spokes Spin-Off Series, you can keep the wheels turning all year round! Just like Tour de Tush, the Spokes Spin-off Series raises awareness and supports research for colon cancer, but not just in May! You can create your own Tour de Tush Spokes Spin-Off event anywhere, any time, anyway! Here’s why people bike for colon cancer:

Jess Tilley bikes for her brother, Mike Tilley, who lost his battle with colon cancer at just 31. Meridith Schoessow bikes for her father-in-law, Dave, as well as her husband and sons who are at higher risk for CRC because of their family history. Team Blue Shield of California has members who ride for a variety of reasons; from riding for family members to simply riding to raise awareness of this terrible disease. We also have survivors who participate, like Gavin Furlong

Gavin Furlong & His Family

“I came across the Colon Cancer Coalition and Tour de Tush in 2021,” shares Furlong, “shortly after my colorectal cancer surgery in March of 2021. Since I was fortunate to have an early detection and positive outcome, I look to promote colorectal cancer awareness and the importance of screening whenever I can.”

Mike Tilley on his wedding day, Dave (Meridith’s Father-in-law), and Saffy Johnson & her family

“We are committed to seeing the alarming rise of early-onset colorectal cancer decrease,” says Jess Tilley. Meridith Schoessow seconds this, commenting, “Most people just don’t or won’t talk about it because it’s too taboo in our culture. Especially now that it’s hitting younger and younger, educating the public and making sure people know what to look for is such a major factor in fighting this disease.”

Shoessow adds, “We have a saying in our family that we used to help remove some of the embarrassment for potty training our kids, ‘everybody poops!’ So now I’m expanding that to my Tour de Tush campaign . . . ‘Everybody poops, it’s time we start talking about it.’”

“Having these necessary conversations with our loved ones brings the reality of why screenings are important. These conversations give the ability for us to rise above our fear,” shares Team Blue Shield member, Saffy Johnson, who lost her mother to colon cancer. 

Check out the website HERE for more information on the Spokes Spin-Off Series!


We would like to make a special note about Dave Rhode, who passed away on February 3, 2024. He was first diagnosed with colon cancer in June of 2021, and he put up a hell of a fight. He never let his cancer beat him down, and his Living Breezy attitude will continue on in the lives he’s touched. We love and miss you, Dave.

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