Where Does the Money Go?

The money raised at Get Your Rear in Gear events allows the Colon Cancer Coalition to fund local programs for colon cancer screening, education, and prevention. Check below to see how the funds are used in your community.


Mobile Grant

Victory Health Partners

The grant to Victory Health Partners provided FIT colon cancer screening tests as well as educational and wellness opportunities for the underserved population in Mobile.

Learn more about Victory Health Partners


Orange County Grant

Access OC

Access OC Access OC, Southern California is working to bring colon cancer screening efforts to community clinics and underinsured patients throughout Orange County. Funds from Get Your Rear in Gear – Orange County support free colonoscopy screening and diagnostic programs to free clinics in Orange County. Outreach specifically targets the Vietnamese community (where the colon cancer incidence is on the rise) and the Hispanic community throughout the county.

Visit Access OC >

San Diego Grant

Council of Community Clinics

San Diego Grants The Council of Community Clinics is a consortium of health centers representing and supporting community clinics and health centers in their efforts to provide access to quality health care and related services for the diverse communities they serve with an emphasis on low income and uninsured populations. Funds will be used to provide education and health care to the low income and uninsured, specifically around the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancers. The County of San Diego does not operate a public hospital or public clinics, therefore the private, nonprofit community clinics and health centers are the safety net for primary care services for San Diego’s low-income and uninsured.

Visit Council of Community Clinics >

San Francisco Grant

Strides For Life

Strides for Life was founded in 2004 in memory of Dylan Cappel. They work toward the prevention and early detection of colon cancer through a variety of educational programs directed at increasing awareness of colon cancer among both healthcare providers and the general population. Included are programs of public education, widescale screening programs and risk-reduction programs directed toward populations at high risk.

Visit Strides For Life >


Fort Myers Grant

21st Century C.A.R.E

Funds from the 2011 and 2012 Get Your Rear in Gear – Fort Myers races benefited 21st Century C.A.R.E., a not-for-profit charitable foundation dedicated to assisting cancer patients and their families. The funds are used specifically used to provide colon cancer screenings to the under- and uninsured in the Fort Myers-area.

21st Century C.A.R.E. was originally established in 1996 by Dr. Charles Thomas in Asheville, NC when a grateful patient bequeathed a generous sum for the purpose of providing cancer education in the community.

Visit 21st Century C.A.R.E. >

Orlando Grant

Orlando Weekly

The *Don’t Miss It campaign in Orlando Weekly, a weekly newspaper and online news source. Messages aimed at educating adults 25-45 about the realities of colon cancer and to know their family history and understand the signs and symptoms of the disease.


Atlanta Grant

Northside Hospital

Through a collaboration with Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates (AGA) and the Colon Cancer Coalition, Northside Hospital in Atlanta is able to provide no cost colon preparation kits to underserved patients.

Learn more about Northside Hospital >

Savannah Grant

Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion

Funds from Get Your Rear in Gear – Savannah help provide screening and diagnostic testing for the under and uninsured population served by the Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion in Savannah. The funds are earmarked for immunoassay fecal occult screening and colonoscopy for those determined to be at high risk of developing this disease.

Visit Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion >


Des Moines Grant

Colon Cancer Foundation of Iowa

The Colon Cancer Foundation of Iowa (formerly David’s Fight) uses the grant from the Colon Cancer Coalition to build colorectal cancer awareness in Iowa through public, physician, and patient education, utilizing a variety of different programs, activities, and resources.

Through 2013, funds from Get Your Rear in Gear – Des Moines helped provide nearly 50 colonoscopies through Fighting Funds to citizens of Iowa, and provided chemotherapy patients with snow removal during the winter months, funded the Super Colonand other projects used to build colorectal cancer awareness.

Visit Colon Cancer Foundation of Iowa >

Muscatine Grant

Trinity Muscatine Hospital

Through a partnership with the Colon Cancer Coalition, Trinity Hospital in Muscatine, and the State of Iowa Public Health Department, funds raised through Get Your Rear in Gear – Muscatine help fund colorectal screening programs for the uninsured.

Through this program over 100 under or uninsured patients have been screened.

Visit Trinity Muscatine Hospital >

Northeast Iowa (Waukon) Grants

Public Awareness Campaign – Cancer Resource Center at Winneshiek Medical Center, Decorah

Partnering with Get Your Rear in Gear – Northeast Iowa helped Winneshiek Medical Center to promote colon cancer screening awareness in March 2012 by using billboards, newspaper/shopper ads, radio spots, TV cable posting, medical campus postings, press releases, web site postings and blasts.

Visit Winneshiek Medical Center, Decorah >

Public Awareness Campaign – Veterans Memorial Hospital, Waukon

The Colon Cancer Coalition partnered with Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waukon to produce a public service announcement campaign in June, July and August, 2011. Two billboards were placed outside of town and radio PSAs aired on the local radio station.

Veterans Memorial Hospital, Waukon >

Gundersen Lutheran Clinic Community Education

Gundersen Lutheran Clinic in Waukon, Iowa hosted an educational speaker program discussing how to identify the early signs and symptoms of bowel changes that could lead to colon cancer and information about the importance of colonoscopies.

Waukon Wellness Center – Indoor Ironman Challenge

The Waukon Wellness Center initiated a challenge in which participants had 31 days to complete 140.6 miles of biking, walking, running, or using the elliptical. Colon cancer screening information was part of the active messages presented during the challenge. This program was funded for two years by Get Your Rear in Gear – Northeast Iowa.


Chicago Grants

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

Funds from Get Your Rear in Gear – Chicago support Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s treatment and education of colon cancer patients at the new cancer center in Hinsdale. Specifically funding their nurse navigators and the creation of educational materials for colon cancer treatment and prevention.

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital >

Lurie Cancer Center

Funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Chicago are funding of a pilot research study at the Lurie Cancer Center. This study will focus on phase I projects in the colorectal cancer space, in Al Benson, MD lab.

Lurie Cancer Center >

Love Your Butt / Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation

The Love Your Butt Awareness Campaign was developed due to the great need for awareness and prevention. This awareness program was created in order to spread colorectal cancer knowledge to the greatest number of people throughout the country.  Funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear will bring this campaign to the city.

visit love your butt >

Elgin Grants

Advocate Sherman Hospital

Funds raised at the inaugural Get Your Rear in Gear – Elgin allowed the Colon Cancer Coalition the opportunity to fund free colonoscopies, FOBT testing and educational events and programming at Advocate Sherman Hospital.

Visit Advocate Sherman Hospital >

Ladd Grants

Bureau Co. Health & Wellness Clinic

Bureau Co. Health & Wellness Clinic serves the low income, and under and uninsured population in Ladd and the surrounding community. A grant from the Colon Cancer Coalition provides professional nursing services for wellness and colon cancer education, brochures for colon cancer awareness, hemoccult screening kits for patients showing symptoms or at risk for colon cancer, as well as colonoscopy payment assistance.

Illinois Valley Community Hospital

Funds raise at Get Your Rear in Gear – Ladd will provide public education options during Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March as well as provide hemoccult test kits and processing for those without insurance.

St. Margaret’s Health

This grant will provide colon cancer educational opportunities for the local community.

PSA Campaign

Get Your Rear in Gear – Ladd reached out to the community surrounding Ladd by placing ads for colon cancer awareness in the local newspapers during the month of March.

Connecting Point

the Colon Cancer Coalition partnered with Connecting Point, a local computer company in Peru, Illinois, to manage tablet computers and repairs, as well as install programs for patients to use during chemotherapy. Also installed were additional televisions in chemotherapy treatment rooms.

Connecting Point >


The Get Your Rear in Gear – Ladd partnered with the YMCA to provide personal training sessions for cancer patients to recoup strength after treatment.

Ladd YMCA >

Tinley Park Grant

The Cancer Support Center

The Cancer Support Center provides a networking group; individual and family counseling; patient and caregiver support groups; and education, nutrition and wellness programs.

Visit The Cancer Support Center >


Indianapolis Grant

*Don’t Miss It – Public Awareness Campaign

Through partners at FOX59 and Be Well Indy, the Colon Cancer Coalition brought the *Don’t Miss It screening and awareness campaign to the Indianapolis market. Encouraging people of all ages to understand the signs and symptoms of the disease, to learn their family history and get the appropriate screening.

Billboard Campaign

In October 2014, the Colon Cancer Coalition partnered with PVBLIC Foundation on a Public Awareness campaign on billboards through the Indianapolis-area.

Jager Education Campaign for Increased Screening Advancement

Funds from the Indianapolis event were used to air educational Public Service Announcements, news stories about colon cancer and the importance of screening, and other unique promotional opportunities to educate the Indianapolis community about colon cancer.

Southeast Indiana (Batesville) Grant

Awareness Campaign – The Hansen Center

Proceeds from Get Your Rear in Gear – Southeast Indiana were used in partnership with The Hansen Center at Margaret Mary Community Hospital in Batesville, IN to run a colon cancer awareness campaign during Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March 2011. The PSAs were placed in newspapers, on billboards, and banners throughout southeast Indiana.


Kansas City Grants

Thomas P. O’Sullivan IV Foundation

Colon cancer educational messaging and awareness were presented to the attendees of the Tom O’Sullivan Memorial Golf Classic.

Billboard Campaign

In March 2014, 2015 and 2016, funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Kansas City placed awareness and educational billboards throughout the Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri areas.

YMCA of Greater Kansas City

Support to the YMCA’s Cancer Exercise Program offered no cost to colon cancer survivors and their families while providing specialized individual and group exercise classes that help re-build strength and increase flexibility and endurance.

Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation & the Frank and Daisie White Colon Cancer Screening Fund

Through a grant to the Truman Medical Centers, Get Your Rear in Gear – Kansas City is funding awareness, education, advocacy, screening and prevention of colorectal cancer throughout the Kansas City community. The grant also funds efforts to distribute the Hemoccult Fecal Occult Blood Test, and sharing of educational materials.

Additionally, money will be used to defer the cost of the prep kit and the colonoscopy to Truman patients, by  establishing  the Frank and Daisie White Colon Cancer Screening Fund which will become part of the Frank and Daisie White Colon Cancer Awareness Programming initiative.

Truman Medical Center >

Gilda’s Club Kansas City

The Gilda’s Club of Kansas City provides education and support for cancer patients. The project funded will be an ongoing support group specific to men and women who are living with colorectal cancer. The group will provide a safe space for them to process the impacts of living with colorectal cancer. In addition to support for those living with cancer, there will be an opportunity for children impacted by colorectal cancer to have supportive structured play with a licensed mental health professional.

Visit Gilda's Club Kansas City >

Andrew J. Somora Foundation

The Andrew J. Somora Foundation provides financial assistance to help families struggling to care for a loved one with colon cancer. Funds are provided directly to families to help pay bills and also to assist patients undergoing treatment at KUCC fill prescriptions for pain and chemo medications not covered by insurance or to help fill in the gap until long-term assistance can be provided by medicaid or a pharmaceutical company.

Visit Andrew J. Somora Foundation >

Wichita Grants

Via Christie Hospital

Funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Wichita are being granted to Via Christie Hospital, providing screening for the underinsured and insured population.

Colon Cancer Awareness Month Educational Messaging

In March 2015 & 2016, the Colon Cancer Coalition partnered with KSN TV in Wichita to bring messages about colon cancer screening and early on-set colon cancer to the public.

Billboard Awareness Campaign

In March 2014, funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Wichita placed edgy awareness and educational billboards throughout the area.

Victory in the Valley

Funds raised in Wichita allow the Colon Cancer Coalition to partner with Victory in the Valley to fund the Colon-Rectal-Anal Cancer Support Group, and provide financial and emotional support for colon cancer patients and their families.

Visit Victory in the Valley >


Baton Rouge Grants

Pennington Biomedical Research

Funds raised through Get Your Rear in Gear – Baton Rouge provides ongoing community support for lifestyle modification to help prevent the risk of colorectal cancer at Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

Visit Pennington Biomedical Research >

Cancer Services

Cancer Services supports the entire community by providing services to family members and caregivers in Greater Baton Rouge. The grant from Get Your Rear in Gear – Baton Rouge provides nutritional supplement, moral support, and activities for children that are affected by the disease.

Visit Cancer Services >

As part of the partnership in 2013, Cancer Services and Get Your Rear in Gear – Baton Rouge co-hosted A Night For Colon Cancer Awareness: Laughter Through the Cancer Journey with comedian Brenda Elsagher.

WBRZ Educational Campaign

Each year Get Your Rear in Gear – Baton Rouge partners with local television station WBRZ TV for an on-air PSA and news story campaign to increase awareness of colon cancer and encouraged viewers to get screened.

The 2012 campaign was awarded with the 2013 ASCRS National Media Award.

Advocate Educational  Campaign

The Advocate is the local high volume and high impact newspaper for the region. They worked in conjunction with Get Your Rear in Gear to create an educational marketing campaign to be run during March 2013 to raise awareness for colorectal cancer screening. The ad highlights the importance for screening and advises when to start.


Boston Grants

*Don’t Miss It – Public Awareness Campaign

The *Don’t Miss It screening and awareness campaign debuted in the Boston ‘T’ (subway) system. Thanks to a partnership with the PVBLIC Foundation, the three messages of the campaign were shown to Boston commuters during May 2015.

Southcoast Center for Cancer Care

The Colon Cancer Coalition partners with Southcoast Center for Cancer Care in the Boston-area for colon cancer prevention education for underserved populations, including FIT screening tests and a 6-week nutrition program focused on healthy eating and exercise. The grant also provides for educational training for community health workers, and a colon cancer survivor celebration.

Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

Get Your Rear in Gear – Boston funded the Colon Cancer Screening & Education Program, the first colon cancer specific program for the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers. This program addresses needs related to colon cancer screenings and treatment not covered by insurance for those affected by this disease throughout Massachusetts.

Visit Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers >

Cancer Support Community – MA South Shore

Cancer Support Community – Massachusetts South Shore uses funds to help create public awareness around Colon Cancer and encourage the public to get screened through a series of print and online advertising throughout the year. These ads help educate those already diagnosed with Cancer about the Cancer Support Community-MA South Shore’s ongoing support groups, stress reduction activities and educational offerings.

Boston Health Care for the Homeless

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) is committed to providing access to the high-quality health care for Boston’s homeless men, women and children. A grant from Get Your Rear in Gear – Boston will allow the BHCHP to enhance efforts behind colorectal cancer screening and detection. The grant money is focused on both patient and provider education and tools to help make advances in colon cancer screening successful for the homeless population.

Visit Boston Health Care for the Homeless >


Rochester Grant

Sage Scopes: Public Awareness Billboards

Sage Scopes, Minnesota’s colorectal cancer screening program, works to increase screening for and awareness of colorectal cancer in the state. One activity that is used to help accomplish this mission is a billboard campaign. The grant from Get Your Rear in Gear – Rochester allows Sage Scopes to broaden its reach to Rochester, Minn. The billboards have a “get a colonoscopy” or “get tested” message, coupled with artwork and a punch line to encourage conversation about colorectal cancer and screening.

Billboards resulted in over 1.5 million impressions throughout the Rochester-area during May 2013.

Visit Sage Scopes >

St. Cloud Grants

CentraCare Foundation

The HindSite Program, part of the CentraCare Health System,  raises awareness locally for colon cancer  through:

  • education, printing educational materials for patients with colon cancer and community members without colon cancer
  • education for screening and genetic testing
  • promote the support group with colon cancer speakers, educational materials, and possible technology for outreach to patients living further away.
Visit CentraCare Foundation >

Twin Cities Grants

Sage Scopes

A division of the Minnesota Department of Health, SAGE Scopes provides colon cancer screening and treatment services to Minnesotans who are under- or non-insured.

Visit Sage Scopes >

American Indian Cancer Foundation

Through money raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Twin Cities, the Colon Cancer Coalition is funding a Colorectal Cancer Screening Navigator to deliver trainings throughout the Northern Plains to support stronger, more effective colorectal cancer education, outreach and navigation in tribal communities.

Colon Cancer Genetics Education

Funds from Get Your Rear in Gear – Twin Cities were used to produce a five-video series about the genetics of colon cancer the importance of knowing your family history.

View the video series >

Angel Foundation

Through their two different programs the Angel Foundation is able to provide financial assistance and education and support to adults living with cancer and their families. The outcome is to provide financial support to help patient-families through a difficult period of financial crisis to relieve stress so that they are better able to focus on the well-being of the colon cancer patient.

Visit Angel Foundation >

Living with Lynch Syndrome with Mayo Clinic

The Living with Lynch syndrome conference, a full day event sponsored by the Mayo Clinic and Minnesota Oncology, began in 2009 as a way to recognize the unique medical needs of the families with this condition, including up to date screening recommendations, different surgical options, and psychosocial support. The conference is geared toward families with the condition and speakers include physicians and genetic counselors from Mayo Clinic and various locations in the Twin Cities.

Billboard Awareness Campaign

The Colon Cancer Coalition partnered with Clear Channel Outdoors on a billboard awareness and educational campaign in May 2013.

National Hispanic Awareness Campaign

Through a grant from the Twin Cities, Minn., race, the Colon Cancer Coalition is providing educational materials and screening opportunities to the Hispanic population.

New Hampshire

Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital/New Hampshire Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

Funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – New Hampshire will be used to provide additional free colonoscopies for New Hampshire under or uninsured residents, patient navigation services, payment for the prescription prep needed for a colonoscopy, transportation services to the endoscopy centers and other services that might be necessary for patients to undergo the colonoscopy.

New York

Horseheads Grants


Funds from the inaugural Horseheads event support hospice, palliative care, and grief services in Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben counties through CareFirst in Corning, N.Y. CareFirst provides care, support, and knowledge that enables individuals to cope with serious illness and all that comes with it.

Visit Care First >

New York City Grants

Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation / Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer Summit

This summit launches an annual forum dedicated to understanding the causes of early age onset colorectal cancer; reducing the incidence and increasing survival of the disease as well as improving the quality of life of survivors and their families.


The grant from the Colon Cancer Coalition helps AliveAndKickn and The Genetic Alliance launch a National Lynch Syndrome Registry, allowing genetic research, support for Lynch survivors and previvors, and other Lynch Syndrome awareness and education.

Learn about the registry >

Colon Cancer Alliance

The Now is The Time program and “Colon Cancer Prevention Sunday” targeted approximately 500 churches in New York City, directly reach over 15,000 African American church-goers, working to eradicate health disparities in the African-American community though collaborating with the churches and surrounding community assets like apartment buildings, civic organizations and other community gathering places e.g. hair salons and beauty shops, and barbershops.

Learn more about Now is the Time >

Michael’s Mission

Michael’s Mission launched the  Medically Underserved Outreach initiative to assist medically vulnerable populations, including racial and ethnic minorities, urban poor, and the elderly. As part of the Michael’s Mission Patient Support services, this initiative will increase access to colorectal cancer screening, education and treatment.

Learn More about Michael's Mission >

The Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health and Center for Advanced Digestive Care at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Get Your Rear in Gear – New York City is collaborating with The Jay Monahan Center to create the Amy Covey Lecture Series: Digestive Disease Prevention and Treatment in Young Adults. The series of four lectures will feature an expert physician, clinician or researcher in the field of gastrointestinal disease biology, screening, prevention, and/or treatment. This lecture series will aim to increase knowledge in this area and help to ensure the prompt diagnosis and treatment of serious digestive diseases in younger adults.

Visit The Jay Monahan Center >

Saratoga Grants

Saratoga Hospital Foundation / Cancer Services Program

Funds from the 2012 Saratoga race provided colorectal cancer detection and treatment through the Saratoga Hospital Foundation and the Cancer Services Program in Saratoga County. Money is used to increase colon cancer awareness and to provide the opportunity for colon cancer screening for those individuals who are uninsured or under-insured.

Visit Saratoga Hospital Foundation / Cancer Services Program >

The Colon Club

Funds raised at the 2011 Get Your Rear in Gear – Saratoga helped support The Colon Club’s Kimberly Fund to assist area families when a parent is diagnosed with colon cancer.

The Colon Club >

North Carolina

Charlotte Grants

Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center – Colon Cancer Support Group

Starting in 2011, the Get Your Rear in Gear Cancer Support Group in Charlotte provides psychosocial support and educational services to its participants at the Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center, part of Presbyterian Cancer Center.

Meetings are primarily focused on providing emotional support for participants in addition to providing information about the disease, its treatments and how to live with a colorectal cancer diagnosis both pre- and post-operation.

Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center – Colonoscopy Program

This program fund is administered through the Hand-in-Hand Fund at the Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The program provides financial assistance to underinsured and uninsured individuals to help cover the cost of colonoscopies.

Home for the Holidays

Through money raised in Charlotte, the Colon Cancer Coalition is able to help colon cancer patients in the Charlotte-area to received holiday-timed grants for household chores/maintenance/bills, health club memberships and other expenses to support the patience journey during the busy holiday season.

Wind River Services

Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats bring together men and women who want to further explore their cancer journey, focusing on living more fully and authentically – mind, body and spirit.

Levine Cancer Institute / Carolinas HealthCare System

Levine Cancer Institute (LCI) is part of Carolinas HealthCare System. Their mission is to improve and enhance the overall health and well-being of its communities through high quality patient care, education and research programs, and a variety of collaborative partnerships and initiatives.

LCI is dedicated to caring for all patients, regardless of ability to pay. The grant from Get Your Rear in Gear – Charlotte helps offer much needed education, support and supplies to the underserved colon cancer patients throughout the course of their care.

Novant Health Presbyterian GI Nurse Navigator

A grant from Get Your Rear in Gear – Charlotte helps fund GI Nurse Navigators at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center to purchase educational materials for colon cancer patients, continuing education for GI nurse navigators and for supplying products that may provide a more positive experience colon cancer patients going through treatment.

Get Your Rear in Gear Awareness Program

The awareness program consisted of advertisements in Charlotte-area newspapers. These ads raised awareness of colorectal cancer and serve as a reminder to the community to schedule their colonoscopy if they are over the age of 50. The ads also encouraged community members to discuss symptoms with their doctors if they have concerns or a family history of colorectal cancer.

Charlotte Gastroenterology

A partnership between the Colon Cancer Coalition and Charlotte Gastroenterology provides for free colonoscopy screening for the under and uninsured population in the Charlotte-area.

Presbyterian Cancer Center

Get Your Rear in Gear – Charlotte has funded several additional colon cancer awareness or cancer education programs through the Presbyterians Cancer Center, including Cooking for Life and Strides to Strength.

Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation

Colontown Online Patient Support Community

Training for PAL candidates (“Providing Additional Love”) helping equip volunteers to be moderators of the online communities that encompass Colontown.

Love Your Butt

The Love Your Butt Awareness Campaign was developed due to the great need for awareness and prevention. This awareness program was created in order to spread colorectal cancer knowledge to the greatest number of people throughout the country.  Funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear will bring this campaign to Charlotte.

visit love your butt >

Margaret Whitaker Presbyterian Healthcare

A grant to Margaret Whitaker Presbyterian Healthcare provides up to $900 per patient for colonoscopy screening for the under and uninsured population in the Charlotte-area.

Integrative Therapies Grant

The Colon Cancer Coalition provides dollars for the Colorectal Support Program to provide support, education and integrative therapy to patients in need.

Yvette W. Ferris Foundation

Funds granted to the Yvette W. Ferris Foundation support the Under Our Wings program that provides support to local families faced with a diagnosis of colon cancer.

Hickory Grants

Catawba Valley Medical Center

Catawba Valley Medical Center‘s Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Colon Cancer Support program seeks to provide support and education to individuals and the community. Goals are extending testing and treatment to underserved people in the community and to educate all community members on the importance of early diagnosis. An interdisciplinary team of Cancer Center staff arrange to provide colonoscopies for uninsured clients, social work staff assist patients in treatment with financial help for critical basic needs and a Task Force works with marketing to develop a plan for community education.

Visit Catawba Valley Medical Center >

Frye Regional Medical Center

The Cancer Support Center at the Frye Regional Medical Center provides services to over 500 newly diagnosed cancer patients per year and thousands of community members are annually educated on the risks of cancer as well as cancer awareness. This grant funding will allow the Cancer Support Center to provide a greater understanding for our community of the importance of colorectal cancer screening and risks associated with colorectal cancer. Additionally, a portion of the funding will be allotted to assist patients in current treatment for colorectal cancer.

Visit Frye Regional Medical Center >

Kinston Grants

Lenoir Memorial Hospital Cancer Center

Lenoir Memorial Hospital Cancer Center provides treatment, educational and support services to cancer patients. Their staff provides treatment and support to patients and family members to help them cope with the diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The grant from Get Your Rear in Gear – Kinston, will be used towards screening and education for colon cancer at quarterly colon cancer screening events.

Raleigh Grants

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

This grant provides critical support, training and evaluation related to patient navigation, patient education (development and refinement of linguistically and culturally appropriate patient education materials in paper and video formats); and implementation (learning how to make possible the wider use and sustainability of these interventions) to increase colon cancer awareness and improve colon cancer screening rates among vulnerable populations.

Lineberger Cancer Center >

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Funds from Get Your Rear in Gear – Raleigh were used to help fund the Colorectal Cancer Symposium at the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in 2011.

UNC Chapel School of Medicine >

American Cancer Society

The South-Eastern States Colorectal Cancer Consortium represent a coalition of 12 Southern States: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee, whom are eager to finds collaborative ways to reduce the burden of CRC and increase screening rates in their respective states. Members of the Consortium represent agencies dedicated to increasing CRC screening, medical providers, gastroenterologists, oncologists, surgical providers, researchers, universities and non-profit organizations.

REX Healthcare

The Rex Healthcare Get Your Rear in Gear Educational Lecture Series was funded by the Raleigh race serves the people of Wake County (N.C.) by providing colorectal education and community outreach during the month of March which serves as the National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Winston-Salem Grants

Wake Forest Baptist Health

Funds raised in Winston-Salem provided opportunity for Wake Forest Baptist Health to develop specific colon cancer awareness, education and prevention programs.

Cancer Services of North Carolina

Through Get Your Rear in Gear – Winston-Salem the Colon Cancer Coalition provided Cancer Services of North Carolina money to give financial assistance for medications and other cancer-related needs of colon cancer patients, specifically the under-served populations.

Visit Cancer Services, Inc. >

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center-Action Health

Funds raised in Winston-Salem help Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center provide an employee wellness, education and prevention program for colorectal cancer.

Myriad Genetic Laboratories

Additional funds raised in Winston-Salem provided genetic testing for hereditary colon cancer for underinsured patients and families through Myriad Genetic Laboratories. The funds are used to provide testing to patients whose personal and family histories are suggestive of Lynch Syndrome.

Visit Myriad Genetic Laboratories >


Central Ohio (Mt.Vernon) Grant

Race for Hope

In 2011 the Colon Cancer Coalition partnered with The Peggy Bock Memorial Race for Hope in Columbus, Ohio. Money raised at this event funded colon cancer awareness programs, promoted opportunities for colon cancer screenings, and encouraged healthy lifestyles.

Cleveland Grants

The Gathering Place

Funds will be used to support several educational programs for those with colon cancer, including a half-day Symposium for those with colon cancer to be held in spring 2016. The Symposium will include presentations by physicians from the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals of Cleveland on the latest updates in treatment, as well as talks on nutrition and exercise and break-out sessions for patients and caregivers.

Columbus Grants

The Ohio State University Foundation

A grant from funds raised in Columbus will be used to fund programs and activities related to hereditary colon cancer and the Ohio Colorectal Cancer Prevention Initiative (OCCPI).

More about OCCPI

Toledo Grants

Lucas County Colorectal Cancer Coalition

Funds raised by the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Run/Walk support education and awareness of colorectal cancer, and increase screening rates in the greater Toledo-area.

The Lucas County Colorectal Cancer Coalition is dedicated to raising awareness in Northwest Ohio about Colorectal Cancer Prevention, the necessity for early intervention and the importance of screening through collaborative partnership and education, will oversee the projects and funds.


Tulsa Grants

Assistance in Health Care, Inc.

Funds raised at Get Your Rear in Gear – Tulsa allowed the Colon Cancer Coalition to fund current and expanded individual and group programs and services for those living with colon cancer.

Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa

The Colon Cancer Coalition partnered with the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa for the Greater Assets: Colon Cancer art exhibit. People touched by colorectal cancer submitted artwork to this first-of-it’s-kind show it Tulsa. The art was inspired by their experiences to desire to raise awareness for this disease.


Allentown Grants

Public Awareness Billboard Campaign

*Don’t Miss It colon cancer education and awareness campaign featured on six billboards and two local radio stations in March 2016.

Medical conference

“Diagnosed-Fear, Anger and Hopelessness-How Does a Patient Cope?” This one-day conference for medical professionals educated how these professionals can in assist colon cancer patients through and after treatments.

Philadelphia Grants

American Association for Cancer Research

Funds raised in Philadelphia allowed the American Association for Cancer Research to work with health professionals to increase colon cancer screening in the area through education and intervention.

Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Funds from the Get Your Rear in Gear – Philadelphia support the University of Pennsylvania Health System Colorectal Cancer Screening Navigation Program. The program targets residents in West Philadelphia over the age of 50 and have not completed colorectal cancer screening. These patients are identified and contacted to find the barrier that is preventing them from having a screening colonoscopy. The navigators working with these patients will assist with education and eliminating those barriers, as well as follow-up calls and following patients with abnormal results through the necessary diagnostic or therapeutic appointments and procedures.

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Quality of Life research project: Understanding Quality of Life Issues following Recovery from Colon Cancer Treatment.

Jefferson University Medical – Department of Colorectal Surgery and the Kimmel Cancer Center

Funds given to the Jefferson University Medical – Department of Colorectal Surgery and the Kimmel Cancer Center support leading-edge research in colon cancer and compassionate care in Philadelphia.

Jefferson University Medical >

American Cancer Society

Funds from the Get Your Rear in Gear – Philadelphia help the American Cancer Society prevent cancer or detecting it early; help people get well supporting them during and after a cancer diagnosis; find cures through investment in ground-breaking discovery; and fight back, rallying communities worldwide to join the fight.

Visit American Cancer Society >

Patient Assistance Grant

Periodically colorectal cancer patients in the Philadelphia-area will be awarded with a grant to help cover the cost of treatment and other cost of living expenses while they are in treatment.

JAWS Youth Fund

The JAWS Youth Fund celebrates health and wellness at any age, in any form. Sponsored activities include free medical screening and exercise activities for the people of Philadelphia.

South Dakota

Watertown Grant

*Don’t Miss It – Public Awareness Campaign

*Don’t Miss It because of colon cancer is presented to Watertown residents for a multi-month campaign the second half of 2015.


Chattanooga Grant

Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation

Funds from the Chattanooga races in 2011 and 2012 helped build regional awareness and educational campaigns surrounding colon cancer. The Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation partners with major corporations for employee education and community organizations.

Memphis Grant

Project BLUE

Financial assistance for patients currently undergoing treatment for colon cancer.

Public Awareness Billboard Campaign

In March 2015 colon cancer awareness billboards brought messages of screening, early detection and prevention.

Church Health Center

Funds raised through Get Your Rear in Gear – Memphis were given to the Church Health Center, a free health clinic, to be used for colorectal cancer screening efforts, assistance and education to remove the barriers to screening, and further education about colorectal cancer to the Memphis community.

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March Awareness Campaign

Billboards were purchased through out the Memphis-area during Colon Cancer Awareness Month. The messages encouraged the public to learn more about the disease and to be screened.


Austin Grant


The Colon Cancer Coalition is helping ColorCancer provide free at-home care supplies that are not covered by insurance to colon cancer patients in need.

Cancer Support Community – Central Texas

Money raised through Get Your Rear in Gear – Austin allows the Cancer Support Community – Central Texas to provide support and education for colon cancer patients living in the Austin-area.

Northwest Family YMCA

Get Your Rear in Gear – Austin is partnering with the YMCA’s Livestrong program to provide small group fitness programs for adult cancer survivors and their families.

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Dallas/Fort Worth Grant

Center for Cancer and Blood Disorder

The grant to The Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders in Fort Worth, Texas, provides educational information about the prevention and treatment of colon cancer.

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Houston Grants

MD Anderson Cancer Center

A grant to MD Anderson Cancer Center will help fund colorectal cancer education programs, community relations and education.

Public Awareness Campaign

Billboard campaign surrounding Houston featuring the *Don’t Miss It campaign messages encouraging early detection, prevention, and screening.

San Antonio Grants

Hill Country Mission for Health

Hill Country Mission for Health has partnered with two local gastroenterology groups (San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates and Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio) who are providing colon cancer screening at a reduced cost to the clinic. These partnerships will allow these funds to be used for the benefit of a larger number of patients.

ThriveWell Cancer Foundation

ThriveWell Cancer Foundation supports eligible adult colorectal cancer patients with assistance to cover their co-insurance costs of chemotherapy or radiation treatments along with transportation assistance for active cancer treatment throughout San Antonio, TX.


Colchester Grants

Cancer Patient Support Program

The Cancer Patient Support Program (CPS) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to offering cost free comprehensive supportive services to cancer patients and their families throughout Vermont and upstate New York. A portion of the grant money gives financial and emotional support to colon cancer patients, providing everything from transportation to helping pay bills.

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Greater Burlington YMCA

The partnership with the Greater Burlington YMCA allows colon cancer survivors and patients to use the YMCA facilities and trainers in Winooski and Burlington, Vt., at no cost to them.

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Alexandria Grants

National Colorectal Cancer Round Table (NCCRT) / American Cancer Society

The NCCRT annual meeting is key to advancing the strategic plan of the Roundtable, as energizes the membership, allows for crucial face to face planning, allows for networking, and creates a forum in which leaders in colorectal cancer control efforts can exchange ideas about ways to reduce colorectal cancer

Otto Ruesch Center for the Cure of Gastrointestinal Cancers

A portion of the grant money raised in 2012 gives the Otto Ruesch Center at Georgetown Lombardi the ability to encourage insurance providers to extend access to cancer medicine outside of strict regulatory approvals.

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Fight Colorectal Cancer

Grant money from the Alexandria, Va. race supported Fight Colorectal Cancer to train volunteer advocates in both 2011 and 2012 at Call on Congress held in March (Colon Cancer Awareness Month). The advocacy program specifically looks to establish a national colorectal cancer screening and treatment program.

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Martinsville Grant

American Cancer Society

The Colon Cancer Coalition worked with the Mitch Turner Drive Away Cancer Classic in 2011 and 2012 to help fund their local chapter of the American Cancer Society and help with efforts in the fight against cancer and to provide aid to cancer victims and their families.

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Mercer Island Grant

Swedish Cancer Institute

The Cancer Patient Assistance Fund at Swedish Cancer Institute is supported entirely the community.  Through this fund the oncology social work team is able to ensure that patient’s non-medical needs and expenses are supported during treatment – including groceries, utility, transportation, insurance payments, rent, medicine and child care. This fund helps cancer patients, their children and caregivers during times when they may need to choose between receiving life-saving treatments and feeding their family or paying the rent.

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Washington Colon Cancer Stars

The Washington Colon Cancer STARS’ mission is to save lives by educating people on the importance of colorectal cancer screening.

  • Increase people’s awareness about the benefits of being screened for colorectal cancer.
  • Provide support to families in the earliest phases of a loved one’s treatment.
  • Broaden the level of prevention, screening and treatment resources that are currently available to under served populations.
  • Increase colorectal cancer screening rates.
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Seattle Grant

Evergreen Healthcare

Get Your Rear in Gear – Seattle works with Evergreen Healthcare to drive colon cancer awareness efforts and lead to increased screening for patients. Evergreen also hosts public educational and awareness events with a nurse educator to provide education on early detection of polyps and treatment specifics, as well as host educational sessions for primary care providers.

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Milwaukee Grant

Medical College of Wisconsin

Get Your Rear in Gear – Milwaukee partners with the Medical College of Wisconsin for colon cancer awareness, education, and research programs.

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Your city’s not listed? The money may not be designated yet. Check back soon as this page will be updated as more grants are awarded.

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