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Colon Cancer Coalition

For our founder Kristin Lindquist’s milestone birthday next month she is inviting you to Take a Stand for the Can.

Here’s her challenge:

For my big FIVE-OH on January 28th, I invite you to Take a Stand for the Can. Instead of celebrating my 50th the standard way with friends and family, I decided to “bring it” and celebrate the age of 50.

I invite you to empower yourself to make your next birthday an EPIC celebration! Say “no” to a party and “yes” to a difference in cancer, the “can” and what “you can do!” Join me in the Take a Stand for the Can Challenge!

Here’s how:

  FIT: Take a pledge to get FIT  and share what you will do for a minimum of 50 days with 50 people. (more info coming soon here)

  INSPIRE: If you are 50 or have a family history, get your colonoscopy! Then asspire to inspire 50 people with why they should get one!

 VICTORY: Share your colonoscopy pictures and stories with me. I’d love to get your story in your words and photos or video! A picture is a thousand words!

 EMPOWER: Make an impact this year. Instead of birthday gifts request donations, or join my fundraiser for the Colon Cancer Coalition, We are working  to increase colon cancer screening rates across the country. To date the organization has provided more grants back to the community for colon cancer screening, education and support than any non-profit organization ($2.5 million and growing)!

Kristin speaks at a Get Your Rear in Gear event

Read more about the challenge and follow my plans and progress on my personal blog.

And join me to Take a Stand for the Can at: