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In Loving Memory: Mary Williams

Mary Williams of Winston-Salem, NC.

My mother was the wife of Rev. Clyde Williams Jr. (deceased). She was a very loving person, to know her was to love her. I shared her with so many people that called her “mother”, for she was every sense of the word. Her talents all seem to steam around her family and church. Imagine having six “girls” all one year apart, you definitely must be a wonderful mother and wife. “She Loved her family”! She was very well know in numerous churches for her teaching. There was no other Sunday school teacher like her! She has many awards and honors for her biblical scholars.

She didn’t look her age at all, everywhere we went people would speak of how she looks like one of the girls. She was a very outgoing person and never complained about anything. She was such an inspiration to me, even her health in such a manner, that I would often brag to others of her amazingly good health. Until June 2010, when she began to have difficulty breathing and her doctor couldn’t seem to understand why. That is when I insisted on further test.

On June 14, 2010, she was diagnosed with colon cancer in the final stages (stage four). It seemed that her health began to change drastically after the diagnosis. Less than four months later, we lost her to this monster of a disease. As always, I was right by her side the day of the diagnosis and promised her that she did not have to go through this alone that I would be there every step of the way.

On Sept. 19, 2010, when my mother took her last breath I stood by her bedside, her hand sandwiched in mine, as I promised “till the end”. I am now just as I did before her death, keeping my promise, only now with even more passion to support the cause for a cure!

I am the sixth daughter her baby girl! She was special to me because not only was she my mother but she was my best friend, my sweetie, my pretty lady, my diva and now I feel that colon cancer came into my life and robbed me of something that was very dear and precious to me!

Because I promised her that I would be forever for the rest of my life helping to find a cure, I would love for her name picture and message to posed on your “In Loving Memory”, just I will wear her picture on Saturday March 5, 2011 in Raleigh at the Get Your Rear In Gear walk!

I haveĀ a piece of paper where my mother wrote one night apparently as she was in pain as she spoke to the Lord entitled MY GRACE.


Written by Mary L. Williams

There are days I wanted to quit but, I heard the voice of Jesus say; My GRACE is sufficient.

Where would you be without GRACE.

See I claim him to be the Lamb of God, even as I lay here in my sickness. The voice of the Lord say My GRACE is sufficient.

Some times the pain is hard to bear, and I cry at night. Yet, the voice of the Lord say, My GRACE is sufficient!

Survived by her six daughters: Victoria Frazier, LaVern Gray, Mary Ann Richmond, Claudette Lindsay, Robin Wiley, Carol L. Peoples

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