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In Loving Memory: Nedda Joy Fealey

In Loving Memory of Nedda Joy FealeyOur Mom was diagnosed with rectal cancer Aug. 27, 2014. She lost her battle Dec. 17, 2015. We are participating [in Get Your Rear in Gear – Tinley Park] because you don’t hear much about rectal cancer and for our Mom. This is what she would want us to do.

Colon cancer runs in my mother’s family, so her doctor would do a ultrasound periodically to check her colon. Ultrasounds don’t see the rectum; and there is where the monster was spreading. It metastasized to her liver, lungs, abdomen, and then her bones.

She started radiation, which made the cancer mad. Radiation didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Then December 2014 (still dealing with the pain from radiation) Mom had an extensive surgery over Christmas. We spent it in the hospital with her. But my Mom ALWAYS stayed positive. Made lemonade out of those lemons she was dealt.

Mom had many passions in her life. One her family, from her children, grandchildren, to her great grandbabies. She made quilts for all, which was another one of her passions. She loved to show her horses and win. Canning was another, she made some great jams, beans, you name it. She also had a passion for travel. Mom traveled from coast to coast with my Dad. He showed her the oceans to the mountains.

Mom loved life, and everyone that met her loved her. She was very giving, loving, and she sewed our family together tight. She made us who we are. Mom will always be with us. We are a product of her.

Words to describe our mother would be beautiful, courageous, strong, spunky, and always giving her all.

When the cancer was winning mom was still positive.  We would lay in bed watching TV, laughing, and talking about life. She would say, “I’m here another day to say ‘I LOVE YOU’!”

I cannot say enough about our Mother. Wife. Nana. She was everything to this family. Our hearts are still broken and will always be. No one can fill her tiny but mighty shoes. We do this for MOM.

Survived by: Raymond (Husband)
Troy (son) Dolores
Tracy (Daughter) Gus
Tammy (Daughter) Dave
8 Grandchildren
10 Great Grandbabies
1 on the way!

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  • Ken says:

    Peace & Pain Free. God bless & prayers for a great Lady. RIP Love

    • Cindy England Fugitt says:

      She was such an inspiration to all . We loved her dearly. She was such a great aunt and a sister to my momma after my daddy passed. She is forever in our hearts.

      • Tracy Stribakos says:

        Cindy, thank you for the words,my mom was an inspiration to all of her niece’s and nephews as well as her own children. Everyone was under her wings. She just love ALL of her family.?

    • Tracy Stribakos says:

      Thank you ken! Love you. Xo

  • Marthe Duncan says:

    My dear Aunt Neddie, I will always be grateful for her love and acceptance of me in her family,always made me feel welcome and loved ,everytime I saw her,Loved going to see her in Indiana, spending the weekend, had so much fun ,always in my heart Love Always

  • CandIda Frasz says:

    To say this was a remarkable woman would be a complete understatement, but all of us know that. I am very proud that you are walking in honor of my beloved Aunt Nedda, and I know she must be proud too. I once asked her what was her greatest achievement in life, she told me it was the family that she had created. She was proud of each and every one of you, and I simply loved hearing the stories about your lives. Raising awareness for the illness that took her life all too soon is a direct reflection of her life and the type of children she raised. Love you all beyond measure & God bless. Keep that chin high as you walk for our amazing Needa, Trac!!…very very proud to call you Cousin.

    • Tracy Stribakos says:

      Thank you. Candy.. mom was so amazing … We miss her more and more.she tought us to love but also be strong. And here is where we are at. Because we have to be. Getting r rear in gear for her and others. Getting the infor out is important to us helping others. Mom would want that.. Love you ❤

  • Felix Paul says:

    I know what it is to lose someone in the family to cancer. My condolences to you and others in the family. I’m a colorectal cancer survivor myself. I was declared a stage IV cancer patient in 2012, but I did not lose hope. My battle with my cancer is still on, and I hope to win eventually. Please visit my blog:

    Wishing you and family all the very best

    Felix Paul

    • Tracy Stribakos says:

      Felix thank you so much . Dontt ever lose hope. My family is doing this in the memory of our mother but to also help others in need. Wish you all the best Felix . We hope you win as well!!

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