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Faces of Blue: Jon Briggs

By April 27, 2022Faces of Blue

Story shared by Angie Briggs, caregiver

My husband, Jon, was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer during a routine colonoscopy on June 11, 2021. He was just 49-years-old and experiencing no symptoms. When we heard the word cancer our world completely turned upside down.

A month later the tumor was removed through surgery. Almost five months after diagnosis, in October, he had his sigmoid colon removed, along with all surrounding lymph nodes.

He won our battle. I say “our” battle because of the love and support we received was nothing short of a miracle in itself and all of our prayer warriors battled with us.

During this journey, Jon has made it his mission to encourage others to get their colonoscopies. He wants to keep others from having to fight cancer. Early screening is so very important and it could save your life.

Let’s be Briggs Brave Together. Jon shares his story everywhere he goes. He took what he went through and turned it into something positive. Blue is our family’s color now, and to us it means BRAVE!

Jon’s parting words – “I never believed I’d hear the word ‘cancer.’ No one should die of colon cancer, it’s so curable if caught early. My colonoscopy saved my life!!”


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