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Faces of Blue: Kelleen Frizzell

By February 2, 2023Faces of Blue

I went in for a routine physical in 2009 and they recommended I go for my first colonoscopy because I had just turned 50 years old*. After procrastinating a few months, because I figured IKelleen and her husband after a GYRIG race in 2015 had never had any obvious problems and was sure the results would be fine, I finally scheduled an appointment. I’m so thankful I did as a large polyp was found that was too big to remove through a colonoscopy. I ended up with a colon resection and the biopsy showed it had penetrated into lymph nodes.

I went through chemotherapy while raising my grandson whom we adopted and was two years old at the time. He kept me moving and I am so thankful for that. Our oldest daughter and her college friends decided to make a team and run a Get Your Rear in Gear 5K on my behalf. Little did my husband know I decided to run with them. I was secretly running on a treadmill trying to prepare my body. Needless to say he was brought to tears when he realized I was running it also.

Kelleen with her husband and daughter after another GYRIG raceAll this was 13 years ago and I am still cancer free. Two years ago our oldest daughter, age 37, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, so you will see the two of us walking in the event this year and I pray for many years to come.

I hope to encourage people that you can survive this disease, it is important to hear the success stories because there are many of them.


*Since Kelleen was diagnosed the recommended screening age has been lowered to 45



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