Help increase screening and prevention for colon & rectal cancer.


Have you ever noticed how in the month of March, landmarks across the country change their lights to blue? Maybe you’ve seen social media posts promoting #BlueForCRC and have found yourself wondering, what is this all for? Well, all that blue is to help raise awareness for colon cancer! 

#BlueForCRC has become a nationally and internationally recognized movement which all started back in 2014 with the lighting of the 35W Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

The goal of this movement is to not only help raise people’s awareness about the risks of colon cancer, but also to encourage people to get screened. Nationwide, the goal is to get more than 80% of people at all stages of risk to get a screening test for colon cancer. Early detection through screening finds cancer in its earliest stages when this disease is most treatable. The risk of developing colon cancer increases with age, but is being diagnosed more in young people as well. Screening should start at age 45 for average risk people, but earlier if you have a family history or are experiencing symptoms. 

Knowing the importance of timely screening, you can now help encourage people to get screened! By doing something as simple as wearing an article of blue clothing or posting on social media with #BlueForCRC, you’re helping spread awareness!

If you want to go EVEN bigger, we’re encouraging volunteers to help in the following ways:


  1. Use this Toolkit for Volunteers and Advocates for lighting landmarks
  1. Invite local landmarks, health care systems, and other local establishments to “Go Blue” March 3-12, 2024 (or any time in March that works for them)
  1. Request a Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month proclamation from your city’s mayor
  1. Share your story

Let’s see how many landmarks we can turn #BlueForCRC nationwide on Tuesday, March 5th, or throughout the month. To learn more, submit a landmark, or for questions: 

Visit or email Erin Peterson at 

We hope to see you helping raise awareness this March!


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