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This Saturday, our inaugural bike race, Tour de Tush ™, will take off for a scenic ride from Allentown, Pennsylvania. With over 200 cyclist anticipated and almost $25,000 raised, this inaugural ride is exceeding expectations for the Colon Cancer Coalition’s first bike event. Tour de Tush’s presenting sponsor, Olympus America, Inc., decided to get creative and inspire employees to do their part with one final push (and pull) of the fundraising pedal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Friday, June 5, stationary bikes were set up in front of Olympus’s headquarters in Allentown, and employees pedaled their way to a larger donation on behalf of Olympus. The farther the employee rode, the greater the donation made by Olympus. It was only fitting that they created such a unique event to engage their employees in fundraising efforts for this bike ride.

Olympus employees spinning their way to more donations.

“It is great to see our presenting sponsor go above and beyond,” said Executive Director Anne Carlson. “They not only motivated their employees to get involved in fundraising, but did so in such a fun and energizing way!”

To further inspire their employees to pedal away, Olympus gave away a bike to one lucky participant at the fundraiser. Their generosity is not only evident in their sponsorship of Tour de Tush, but in their eagerness to engage their employees to help in their efforts to support the ride and raise colon cancer awareness.

For more information about the ride and what you can do to help raise colon cancer awareness in Allentown, visit the Tour de Tush event page.

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